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What do you think seo is all about whether it is used for obtaining higher ads cpm or higher position on search engine results, or to prevent websites from various search engine updates or crawl errors. Seo is a term that is very big in itself, for any type of online promotion or branding seo plays a measure role.
Seo is abbreviated as Search engine optimization means optimizing or making your website error free for better search engine results. Many seo agencies charges plenty of bucks for ranking your website, but I think best part about seo is that it is based on human behavior, search engines are user friendly and their algorithms try to dwell their codes according to human behavior for better user experience.
if you have a good sense of humor or can understand human nature then you can be a good seo. Here I am presenting some basic seo tips for better understanding of new comers.
For new websites meta title and meta descriptions unique for every page of your website must be there for better page optimization. Meta title and meta descriptions tells search engine about website search keywords or on which keyword google bots will open your web page.

please place these codes under head in your html tag.

<meta name=title content= your title not more than 67 characters/>
<meta name=description content= your description not more than 157 characters/>

Place Alt attributes on your media files, search engine bots does not detect images or video directly like they detect text on any website, for this we need to tell search engine bots about what does the image is about?.
Install google analytics and google webmaster for analysing user behavior or any crawl errors on your website.
Place sitemap.xml and sitemap-index.html in your website
Use robots.txt for search bots crawling webpages.
Place favicon file.
Use schema.org , schemas are used to tell search engine about the discussion happening on your webpage , this internally effect search engine ranking and improves click through rate.
Seo is the most important issue when it comes to promoting your site, but it might take a while to increase your ranking so you shouldnt forget about other monetization tools. Try placing Google AdSense banners or alternative more easy and fast-paying options (I tried tabula, outbrain, amazon, payclick)
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