WOW Google.. I am surprised ... Even before 60 seconds!!!

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Hi Warriors,

Now a days I am not much in SEO, but one thing really just shocked me today...
Just now, yeah few minutes ago..i posted something at my blog...
and as i have created google alert for few terms...and that term was included in my
post i just made...

It was not just a minute that i have published that post..i got an email at my gmail address,
from Google Alerts!!! and shocking thing was that Google has already, indexed and ranked
that page in Google Index... I even searched in Google and that post came to 2nd in Google
results, wow that is fantastic!

Well the post i made is :
Muhammad Ismail Welcome to the New World

And it is already number indexed and showing in
if you search the title
muhammad ismail welcome - Google Search it is already number two!!!

I mean i am surprised of the speed of GOOGLE

Is this same for other stuff? as it really made me think that i should seriously be
blogging and targeting my business keywords...

Yeah I realize that their is much competition for keywords which have considerable
searches per month...But point is do Google really index and include in SERPS pages
and blog posts that fast? LOL it is making me remind MSN search engine of past
few far as speed is concerned!

Best Regards,
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