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So foremost this is a thread to help business owners and local SEO companies alike. As many of you already know Google has changed a ton over the last couple years when it comes to Google Maps, Places, Google + Local and now known as Google My Business and with these changes they removed the location settings tab which has made things a little more difficult for SEO companies and businesses as well there is several ways to still achieve changing your location but here is a couple basics.

Why is this important?
Well if you are not in the city you are searching in then you will get inaccurate or incorrect results which will make you believe that you are either ranking better or worse than you actually are.

Also unless you're in the city you are performing the search in you can't perform a regular keyword search such as "plumber" "taxi" "chiropractor" "personal injury lawyer" without adding the city before or after the search which also will give you different results.

So a few things to consider when checking your results:
  1. Make sure you are not logged into a Google account. ( You can get inaccurate results)
  2. It's good practice to use Google Chrome and use Incognito mode to check the results for a second time to see if it's pulling data from previous searches.
  3. Use to do a search from the set location including device such as mobile or desktop.
  4. You may even get a different set of results based on browser you use.

I do many other things to check the accuracy of search results but these are basics that have helped me in the local SEO game and by no means is this the only options but I am sure this should be helpful to many companies and businesses.

We all sometimes forget why we joined the Warrior Forum and I have been guilty of this as well as many of you which is to share and help others if I see this has helped others I will continue to post more useful posts.
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