My Google Webmasters Tools Shows 95% Dip In Traffic, Analytics Shows Nothing! - "Totally Confused"

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I checked my 'Google Webmasters Tools' stats for one of my websites today and was surprised to see that my search traffic had been dipping from the 1st of Dec by huge amounts, it had come down from 3000+ clicks on the 30th of November to 134 clicks on 4th December! There were no messages in my Webmaster Tools Dashboard, no errors, warnings or anything, just the sight of my search traffic dropping by huge amounts within just a few days.

When I checked 'Google Analytics' I saw that there wasn't much change in my traffic at all, I was getting 3000+ visitors consistently with very little variations every day, I even checked the 'Traffic Channels' and saw that nearly 85% of my traffic came from organic search just like it always used to.

At the moment I am very confused, I have no idea why this has happened, my actual traffic and earnings remain more or less the same, but I am just worried if there are any issues with my site I am currently unaware off!

Please check the screenshots below and let me know what you think,

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics (That dip in the chart occurred due to a site transfer, my Google Analytics plugin was inactive for nearly a day)

It would be great if you could help me out here, I can add you to my Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools if necessary!
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    Most of the time webmaster tools is a bit buggy. If everything is okay id just monitor it.
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