What is the maximum limit to provide internal links from a URL to an another URL in a same site?

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I have a landing page which contains around 20 questions ane each question have 2 reference links (internal links) to my blog. Already we have around 40 internal links from footer, header and page content. So i have a little bit confusion to use internal links for 20 questions. Is there any limit to provide internal links from a web page to an another web page in a same website?
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    From my experience, this shouldn`t do you any harm in case the links are in place (ain`t messy and lead to relevant articles). Just make sure the internal linking is neat and is not confusing for bots in any way. In terms of UX - the content should just look natural and not overstuffed with the links, as it may get a bit overwhelming for users. Some say it`s optimal to keep the overall number of links from a page under 100, still it`s rather individual.
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    I dont think there is any limit. If you are doing it for users, to make navigation easy for them then I think its completely fine whatever you are doing. But if you are doing it for passing link juice to blog pages, then google will consider only first internal links if there are more than one internal links pointing to same url.
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    If you’re giving well more than 100 links per page, you could be overwhelming your users and giving them a bad experience. A page might look good to you until you put on your “user hat” and see what it looks like to a new visitor.
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