A competitor and I offer exactly the same product, why are they so much further up google?

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A competitor and I offer pretty much the same product, and having run our respective URLs for the product through some analysing sites, I cannot for the life of me work out why her page is doing so well whereas mine is doing so poorly.

The search term is 'climb ben nevis winter', my competitor's page is:
Climb Ben Nevis in Winter and mine is:
Climb Ben Nevis this Winter - West Coast Mountain Guides

Can anyone help please?
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    It depends on what keywords you use and content of your website.
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    I did not look at the backlinks, that's one thing that's probably different.

    But I looked at the names of the images and the alt text. Your competitor's doing better there.

    One of yours: http://www.westcoast-mountainguides....10-705x529.jpg

    One of theirs: http://adelepennington.co.uk/wp-cont...it-220x220.jpg

    I know, they're keyword-stuffing here, you're using numbers.
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    You need add more quality backlinks to your website.
    Or make a quality video and submit to Youtube, build backlink to your Youtube video.
    Next, write 10 articles about your keywords, then contact bloggers in your niche to submit your guest post with your backlinks.
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    For me it doesn't matter if my own product and other competitor's product are the same. The target users is the main focus here not the search engines. So it really depends on the quality, uniqueness, durability, and most specially the most benefits it can give to the users.
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    Thanks for the replies. Does it make any difference whether my product (in this case 'climbing Ben Nevis in Winter') is in a subdirectory or not, for example:


    I just noticed that one of my competitors who is at the top for some of my search terms hasn't got a subdirectory as in my first example.
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    try to set the site content according to the keywprds
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    It depends on many factors: keyword, content, optimization, backlinks, time existed...
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    Get some quality backlinks and do proper onpage seo. After making few changes you can easily outrank him.
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    There are 200 ranking factors within Google's algorithm, so there is no way to know exactly why someone is outranking you. All you can do is control what you can.

    Get more backlinks from relevant sites. Optimize your pages for targeted keyword phrases. Modify your title tags and meta descriptions to increase your click-through rates.
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