Am I Good Enough To Offer SEO Services?

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Hi all

I am currently considering beginning my own SEO service , which would be free to warrior forum members.

And then if good enough I would begin to offer my services in my local area for a fee once I have some honest testimonials etc.

I have ranked a number of my own services but its not until recently I have been told how good I am (i don't believe in myself enough perhaps) and that after checking analytics when i was paying SEO to when I did it myself.

(my results where better than a company of 10+ staff for a fee of 200 a month and yes I know that's nothing fro SEO)

I just wanted to know is it ok to just offer it for free at first until I see if I am as good as I have been told?

are there any ethical issues here? and can you advertise on PPC for SEO?
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    You said that you have ranked a number of your own service I would suggest you to create a portfolio and showcase that your clients.

    Also keep in mind if you are good at something never do that for free. Also can I ask what kind of services are you going to provide like Blackhat services or Whitehat Link building services?
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    If you have to ask, the answer is usually no.....

    Make a portfolio and see if people bite.
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    People think they need to see an existing portfolio but it's useless and can easily piss off an existing long term client.

    For all you know the "potential client" is phishing for SEO buyer leads. I'm sure as hell not outing my own money sites and not wasting my time ranking unused domain/pages just for a portfolio that a "potential client" doesn't even care about.

    No thanks, get lost. Go hire someone else.
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    As yukon mentioned, if you check out a few SEO service companies, you'll see that they don't have a portfolio, because this business is not like web design, where you showcase your previous work to attract new clients.

    Those who outsource SEO management want to improve their presence in search engines, but they don't want everyone in the world to know about that from your website...The maximum what you could include in your portfolio is their logo - that's it.

    As for offering your services, you either do it paid or you don't do it at all. If you are not comfortable with your skills, then charge lower rates and then gradually increase them as you become more experienced and have a larger clientele.


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