What is On Page Optimization? waht are the factors involved in On-page optimization?

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On-Page Optimization is the initial step to improve your website rank position in Search Engines. Here all On-Page activities affect your website/web pages.

Title Tags: Title Tags are used in SERPs to display the Title in the Snippets for the given page.
Meta Tags: There are two types of Meta Tags

Meta Description Tag: Meta descriptions are also known as short descriptions, Meta descriptions are nothing but a content which we give for describing particular product/page for attracting the viewers to click-on & automatically redirects to that page for finding more Information on what they are looking for.

Meta Keywords Tag: Targeting and listing the Keywords using keywords Tag for Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Header Tags: In Header Tags the term 'Header' meant heading for your content to the page/product/services. There are H1-H6 (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 & H6) Header Tags to differentiate the Headings and Subheadings.

URL Optimization Tag: In SEO, Unified Resource Locator optimizes the URL Tag and URL structure so that search engines can index your pages/website capably. Each and every page for a website should have a Unique URL.

Image Optimization: In SEO, Image optimization is one of the main concept in On-Page optimization which helps the web-robots to crawl the pages and rank the position of your website/web-pages.

Link Building: Link building is one of the tactics used in SEO, which helps in increasing the Search Engine Ranking (SEE). Links should be relevant to the topic that which increases the traffic to the website.

Anchor Text: Giving link to the text is called as an anchor text Landing pages should not be illegal or porn content according to Google guidelines these things are considered as a spam activity and Search Engine Ranking will increase which makes the website to display in last pages that which affects the business or website.
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