How to Increase Website Traffic Immediately?

by alexis jordan 49 replies
Hello every one. I need your help for my website. I want to know How to Increase Website Traffic Immediately. My web site rank fallen day by day but I work for it very hardly but i cant satisfied my web site result. Need some important tips.
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    Work for some long tail keyword. I think you are going for some generic keywords that is why you are not ranking good. If you want an immediate result you should identify what is your business or website uniqueness and target on such keywords which is not that much generic. with this you can rank faster and get good traffic.
    Also if you need more traffic you can go for some paid ads i know it is not SEO but to get some traffic for temporary you can use that like Facebook click to website ads, google ads etc.
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  • Hi, only increase website traffic it's not solution. You should be work on long tail keyword and direct targeting generic keyword. Insert keywords in source code. Work for organic traffic.
    Best Luck.
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    You can pay for ads in google, bing, facebook etc. Produce content consistently. Can also build up a following on social media.
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    if you want to increase your website traffic immediately then promote your website is social media sites more and get better result.
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    Helllo first of all traffic can't increase immediately it always take some time but if want to increase your website traffic then promote your website is social media sites more and get better website traffic.
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    To get organic traffic perform these tasks,

    Blog commenting
    Guest Blogging
    Forum Posting
    Question and Answering
    and more.
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    Why dont you push up again. Start with a fresh site if needed.

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    Isn't that what everyone is looking to accomplish?

    If there was a magic formula for guaranteed website traffic.. we've yet to find it as a human race.
    $2/100 words for REGULAR CONTENT
    $4/100 words for TOP NOTCH MONEY CONTENT
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    1. Develop good headlines. Headlines are the first thing readers see, and are generally the only thing they see if the article is shared. Your headlines should jump out at the reader and quickly draw their awareness. A good headline can dramatically increase your views when shared on a social network.

    2. Write articles rich in content. Quality articles will get ranked better in search results.
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    you will create directory submission backlinks..then you will get many many traffic for your website
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    Headlines are important

    Coshedule's free Headline tool will help you improve them
    Write Better Headlines: Free Headline Analyzer From CoSchedule
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    If your rankings are falling you should look to your on-site optimization. You should also dig deeper to understand why your rankings are falling - try understand why other have gained on you.

    Review your content
    Links to pages
    Internal links
    Optimized Meta Titles - this can improve rank dramatically.

    In regards to getting traffic immediately - the only solution for that is paid traffic be it from Social or Google.

    Hope this helps
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    Originally Posted by alexis jordan View Post

    Hello every one. I need your help for my website. I want to know How to Increase Website Traffic Immediately.

    Do the same stuff that takes forever to get traffic only do it immediately.
    Be your best self. - Darryl Philbin
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    Do the followings:

    Comment on blogs
    forum posting
    Guest Blogging
    Press Release
    Give out free stuff

    You can also visit

    Getting traffic is one thing, getting targeted traffic is another. Some traffic are just fans, but I don't think you need fans but buyers. So, whatever you do, do it with that in mind.
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    Get more backlinks -- that's the best way to rank faster!

    How? Paid ads, Social media promotion, Infographic promotion, reach out to authors around your niche and ask them to link to your post/website etc.
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    If you want immediate results then paid traffic is something to look at - Facebook ads, bing, google, 50onred
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    You should be work on long tail keyword. And also do some following task

    1. Forum
    2. Blog Commenting
    3. Guest Posting
    4. Question & Answer
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    You need to learn the authority sites in your field. How did they get traffic for their site?
    Top 4 Methods To Increase Website Traffic Immediately:

    1. Q&A site: you need to post quality threads with your link for reference.

    2. Forum: this is similar above.

    3. Facebook group: find the active group relate to your niche and share your post.

    4. Find the influence blogger in your niche and ask them share your post.
    Need Quality Backlinks: Check Out How To Buy Quality Backlinks in 2017?
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    Do guest posts, post to facebook groups, post to twitter, post to forums etc.
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    I think work for Social media and SEO off page, after that increase traffic for your website.
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    You can follow these tips and try them systematically. The best way to build traffic is having a strategy and focusing on the sources that will drive relevant traffic to your website.

    Here are a few things you can do today;
    • Respond to other popular posts.
    • Build Authoritative inbound links.
    • Create well detailed infographs.
    • Re-purpose your blog content.
    • Contributor your knowledge to online publications.
    • Use Social media ads.
    • Paid search ads.
    You can build a strategy around this techniques and have traffic flowing permanently.
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    You can post your link to social media. It's a good way to increase traffics for website
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  • Originally Posted by alexis jordan View Post

    Hello every one. I need your help for my website. I want to know How to Increase Website Traffic Immediately. My web site rank fallen day by day but I work for it very hardly but i cant satisfied my web site result. Need some important tips.
    For immediate traffic, create some youtube videos and leave your website URL in the description. Use instagram, put your URL on your bio page, and follow other people in your niche (some will follow you back and check out your link). Write and submit a Press Release to different PR distribution websites.

    Paid advertising also works, but you need to be careful because you can loose a lot of money quickly with this.

    You can also do SEO for your website. The traffic will not come immediately, as page 1 rankings take time to achieve.
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    Buy facebook pages and gain a new audience
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    I am also facing the same problem. but this post help me to know about some tactics to get traffic.
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    I don't think any quality traffic comes immediately unless you pay for it. However, if you are looking for a method that is free. I would suggest, blog commenting, social media posting. Becoming fro involved in different forums related to your website and also guest posting is a great way to increase your traffic.
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    We can increase website traffic by doing following activities:
    1.Facebook remarketing
    2.Facebook email and custom audience
    3.Twitter remarking
    4.Spend 80 percent of your time on the ad's headline
    5.Promote your blogs on Facebook
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    If you are a small business entrepreneur or a business startup the first thing you need to do is create a website for your business, then you get a good and experienced web content writer to assist you in website content writing for your site. Through contentmart you will achieve this. You will be able to hire a highly skilled contentmart registered writer. And then the next move will be promoting and attracting more customers to your site through marketing, there are several ways to promote your site such as forum posting, social bookmarking submission, blog hosting, affiliate marketing, article submission, profile creation, blog posting, press lease and social media marketing.
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    Hey alexis,

    Easiest way to get traffic and list is to run giveaways / contests. Run paid ads Facebook. Engage in communities posting website content (Facebook groups are great).

    I also get a ton of traffic from automating my twitter and and having a free growth hacking guide in exchange for email.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you so much commenting here and inspire me. Those tips are too much helpful for me. Thank you everybody
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    You have to pay for ads in ppc and you can also increase by social media.
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    by ppc (pay per click),website traffic immediately have to make camp in the adwards account. it will help u to increase traffic faster then seo..
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    Creating a Google AdWords campaign for your services is the best and only choice for immediately increasing website traffic. This inorganic way of increasing traffic is a premium feature on which large sums of cash has to be spent to get desired results but these results are not long lasting compared to natural and organic way of creating backlinks. As soon as the amount is spent, the campaign will automatically stop showing targeted ads on other sites.
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    The best way is Seo
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    SEO is not immediate. If you are looking for immediate results you will need to run a paid ad immediately. Solo ads work pretty good for affiliate marketing and making money online niches. There are solo ad testimonial groups and you might find one you like.

    Mike Allen - How to earn $100/Day with Free Traffic Methods

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    If you want to increase website traffic immediately, then we should follow all the On-page & Off-page tactics. Along with this we can also do Paid marketing for the same like Facebook, Linkedi, PPC and get much more traffic. But its all depends on the website rank what we have achieved on search engine. So, follow the rules and guidelines of SEO then we will get the better rank.
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    ask for help some SEO team
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    There can be several reason behind this. Here are few suggestions which can help you.

    1. Firstly check the back-links of your website and analyze them if you found any kind of toxic and low quality links first remove them (Manually or through webmaster )and ping google for the reconsideration. It can help you.

    2. Perform anchor optimization and check the targeted keywords page by page so you will get to know. If any of keyword which was ranking well earlier and now dropped because of anchor over optimization than work accordingly.

    3. Now it comes to increase traffic then go for quality links coming from unique and informative content.

    Hope these will help you.
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    Hello Alexis Jordan,

    Its very hard to increase traffic immediately. But below Several ways to boost site traffic for FREE.

    1. All on-page activities give good result to you.
    2. Target long tail keywords.
    3. Start guest posting.
    4. Block commenting.
    5. Vary the format of your content. Make more informative content so that user will engage with the page for a long time.
    6. Keep posting content on social media sites (eg. facebook, twitter).
    7. Make sure your site is responsive and fast.
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    Few tricks that always works,

    1) Unique Domain name

    2) Use long tail keywords but not too long so that no one search for it

    3) Do an Onpage SEO website Audit (for that visit my Website)

    4) Resolve your Onpage SEO issues (for that visit my Website)

    5) Check your Webmaster account and resolve all your issues there.

    6) Do Blog commenting so that people know your name

    7) Do forum Posting and commenting as you see when you post a thread here your Website may get a little boast from here.

    8) Do Guest/Blog Posting (for that visit my Website)

    9) Do Awesome SMO and get targeted traffic towards your website.

    10) Talk to high influencers in your niche and make a deal with them to promote you.

    11) If you are a business then go for google Adwords and FB advertisement campaign.

    I think if you do that Then all Set for your site to boost.

    Good Luck

    And Let me know if you find some other tricks

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    If you want immediate results then paid traffic is something to look at - Facebook ads, bing, google, or you Can do SEO.
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    You need to Give Google More content to Get Traffic from new Blog posts By Using Long tail Keywords and Be out of competition. This is what you should do. If you want instant traffic Then Pay some money on facebook.
    Organic Traffic is Great But SEO is a long Journey. You Should Keep adding More content and build quality backlinks for your blog. That's they way to get ranking
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  • The keyword you are using must be location specific & the OFF Page task must be of high quality. Guest posting, QnA & Article posting regularly will assist you to reach your targeted customers quickly. Even the content which you post must be of high quality so that it can induce an urge inside the folks to read it instantly. Most importantly, the sites which you are using for link building must be of high authority so that it can deliver a good quality backlink to your site.
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    Media Buying = Instant Traffic (once approved)

    Secondly, Reddit can also being in instant traffic too if the users over there like your link.
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  • If your website rank is down day by day, then you can SEO for your website. It's batter that create some backlink on your website , Stay active on social media site and share your website article.
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    Try to rank low volume keywords like 200-500 volume keywords and I am sure your traffic will be increasing day by day.
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    if your want it to be "immediately" the best way is paying for Ads
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    To increase traffic again,you can promote your site through social media,blog commenting and through forums etc.It would be some hard work.If you just want numbers,then you can use a traffic exchange site at the moment.But traffic exchange sites are useless,they only gives you temporary visitors,not permenent visitors.
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    looks like you need PPC and SMM campaign, spam with links to your site. IF your budget can handle all of these it will be nice
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