I made 2 different blogposts but they are related topics. One of them doesnt rank well at all.

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I have this SEO-problem a lot:

I made 2 blog posts that have kind of similar topics, but they are actually not similar:
  • Blog post 1: 'meditation music' For example, I put Yoga music and Mantra's in this list.
  • Blog post 2: 'calm (pop) music' For example I put music from Ed Sheeran in this list.

One of these blog posts ranks very well: calm music.
The other blog post doesnt rank well at all: meditation music.

Might Google have thought that both blog posts are about the same topic, therefore did Google decide to pick only one blog post to rank high?

What I would like: that the other blog post (meditation music) will also rank normally.

The 2 blog posts link to each other, using only the correct way of anchor text: so the calm music blog posts says: 'check out also this list with meditation music.' And vice versa. This way, Google finds the words 'meditation music' inside the other blog post (the blog post about calm music) and uses that to bring the wrong blog post (calm music) in the search results when I search for 'meditation music Leonie van der Sommen's Blog'.

The proof for my assumption: when I search for 'meditation music Leonie van der Sommen's Blog', the other blog comes up, namely the one that is optimized for 'calm music'.
I can only find the blog post with 'meditation music' when I copy a complete paragraph from that blog post into the search bar from Google.

Who is familiar with this and has a solution?
Should I make the difference between these blog posts bigger, or should I just merge the two blog posts into one blog post, or should I make sure that the word 'meditation'' doesnt show up at all in the blog post about calm music? Or something different?

Thanks in advance!
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