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I have a personal blog that has a good amount of back links pointing at it from high quality relevant authoritative sites in my niche.

I also run a company in the same niche. I link to a page on the company site from the personal blog article that has bunch of relevant links pointing at it (as it's highly relevant to the content on the personal blog).


Relevant personal blog post has a bunch of relevant external links pointing at it (completely organic).

Relevant personal blog post links (externally) to relevant company site page and is helping that page rank.


If I do the work to 301 the personal blog to the company site, and then link internally from the blog page to the other relevant company page, will this kill that back link or will the internal link help as much as the current external link does currently?

For clarity:

External sites => External blog => External link to company page


External sites => External blog 301 => Blog page (now on company blog) => Internal link to target page

I would love to hear from anyone that has performed this in the past

My question is not relating to lost "link juice" from 301 redirects.

I am asking if after the 301 redirect (bringing the currently external personal blog domain, internal), will the link across to the other internal page then be worth less/more as an internal link (minus the tiny bit of loss from the 301).
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