Long page SEO vs short page SEO and its implication on the URL structure

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Dear SEO friend,

I am running B2B consultancy site. I have a question about creating the best url structure. In terms of SEO, which of URL structure are gaining better results in the long run. What are the benefits and drawbacks? The site is not an ecommerce site.

We have 4 categories for our products. Lets assume that there are Category A, Category B, Category C and Category D, There are several products on each category (typically 5-8)

#1 Keeping all products on the same page
Each category above has been designed to act on the separate page. So, Category A consists of texts from different products laid out on the same page. There are anchor links in the fold section that directs into specific products on the scrollable page.
url structure:

#2 Separating products into different pages from the category page

Each category e.g. http://www.site.com/categoryA/ provides general info on products and services in the specific page. From that page, there are links into separate product/service page.

e.g. http://www.site.com/categoryA/productA

# 3 Separating product into different pages on /services page

All products are displayed on the same /service page eg. http://www.site.com/services. From that page there are links into separate product/service page.

e.g http://www.site.com/services/productA


Which of strategy are you recommending in light of best SEO practice? #1
Your wise ideas are warmly appreciated.
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    I would use 1 and 2 at the very least. category pages that hi light product. product pages that actually get into the detail of each product... and depending on your "services" I may single those out as well and identify products from those pages as well.

    One of the "secrets" to SEO is building depth of pages. Level 1 main pages Level 2 Category pages - and or Service pages Level 3 Product pages. Pretty standard structure and a good base to work from.
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