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by latic
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Hey There,

Currently I have an old website with some pages that rank pretty highly for keywords that I'm interested in developing. They do not have any backlinks at all. It ranks at 74 currently.

My question is, if i change the existing content of the page could I lose the ranking? (even if i purposefully optimise the page for the particular keyword)

If I start getting backlinks to this page do i need to make sure they are from pages with relevant content for the keyword?

I also have an old tumblr account, it ranks pretty highly, but was a personal one and didn't have content relevant to the keyword. It does have links, including those from .edu domains which have nothing to do with the keyword.

If I edit my tumblr account to be relevant to the keyword it will no longer be relevant to the content of the .edu links, does that matter?

This is a really small scale project and the key term isn't very competitive, but I'm using it as a learning project.
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    First, changing any content could change your rankings for the better or worse.

    Second, you are ranking 74th. That is not ranking highly. Nobody searches that deep.

    In other words, you have nothing to lose.
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    If you change the existing content of the page - this defenitelly may affect its position. In fact, on-page and content optimization is one of the things you do to improve your rankings. In case you optimize the page wisely for a low-competitve keyword - this could actually change your rankings for the better. You should take a shot anyway, as it`s indeed highly unlikely for any searcher to go further than page 5.

    Unless the existing backlinks are spammy or low-quality, I would`nt worry too much. However, in perspective you`d better try to build some good links from pages that will be relative to your new content.
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    You can easily update or change the content. You have nothing to lose here.
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    My main question is about where links come from, does the chain need to be on topic.

    So say i have an .edu link to my tumblr, which links to my website.

    Would it be better if the .edu, tumblr and website are all around the same subject ?

    Dont get me round about 74th placing, i didn't think that was great. I was surprised the page was ranking that highly considering it is not optimised in any way.
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