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I created my website years ago and I ranked it. But I can't continues work my website because of my personal problem. Now I start again working my site but unfortunately I lost my rank. My website all keyword is low competition keyword like best 3d pen(Please review it's on my site). My on page SEO and everything is good. How can I start my website SEO to rank my site again?
Looking for suggestion

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    If all things are done the right way e.g on site SEO then you need to look outward and work on a solid off page SEO.

    Most people I know failed the outward part.
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    Michael makes some good points. See if you can also cross-promote some of your content with prominent, non-competing websites in similar niches (and get them to promote on their social media channels, too). Mutually linking content will certainly help your ranking.

    Also, do you have a decent SEO plugin installed? All in One SEO has worked wonders for a few magazine-style sites we've consulted for in the past.

    Best of luck.
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    If all on-page SEO & content marketing is implemented, you can follow some steps described as follows for top rankings of your old website:
    1. Build fresh internal links to the page
    2. Redirect old 404 not found pages to new pages
    3. Create different new pages on website for interlinking & rankings: The more pages you're able to create, the better your site as a whole will be able to support the page you're trying to promote.
    4. Resubmit a sitemap to different search engines
    5. Notify industry leaders about updated page: If we have some high quality pages, don't keep it to yourself, share these pages to other professionals & industry associates that you've recently updated a valuable page.
    6. Promote your top pages content & features on social media platforms for rankings.
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    Assess your current search ranking
    Track the right metrics
    Diagnose and analyze penalties
    Do keyword research
    Go after your keywords with great content
    Build links the right way
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    1.Assess Your Current Search Ranking
    2.Track the right metrics
    3.Diagnose and analyze penalties
    4.Do keyword research
    5.Go after your keywords with great content
    6.Build links the right way.
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    Exactly what does it take to rank in Google and how long have you got to wait before you hit ... Age of the domain name – A web site that is outdated and reliable is more prone to rank ... You can also read my SEO Copywriting suggestions article which references lots of.
    Joyful working
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    First you should check your site is alive, I mean please check your site is not penalize.. than you resubmit site map xml, and add new content SEO point of view, than step by step start hard working. Domain age most important SEO point of view.
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    Create link building for your website. do all off page activities. update sitemap.pages fetch as in google. DO directory submission, do search engine submission. check web content, content should be unique. After this you will get good ranking of your website
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    Publish Relevant Content
    Update Your Content Regularly
    Use alt tags
    Mobile Site
    URL Structure
    Grow Natural Links for your website.
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    Some factors that play an important role

    Age of the domain – A website that is old and trusted is more likely to rank higher in Google search results than a newer web site, given that other factors remain equal.

    Clean domain – This is another factor that can work in benefit or against your efforts to rank in Google.
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    You need to build backlink to your website. The backlink must from authority website. This will gain trust from Search Engine and improve your website ranking.
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    just do blog submission or submit always unique content...
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    just check its last on page work and improve it if needed and build quality back links to promote your website.
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    Great domain names: Sites that have been around a lot time were able to pick up great domain names because there was less competition for them.

    Exact match domain names: Similar to the example above, the older sites could cherry pick the domains with exact matches.
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    I looked at your site and found that there are some very strong competitors now. The way i see it, you have to buckle up your game quiet fast !
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