What is the main source of your traffic?

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Hello Everyone,

I think search engine optimization is the best way to get traffic from search engines. Beside forum marketing and social networks also work. I think every website have a main source of its traffic. For me, I am getting good traffic from Google, a little from Bing and 20% from social networks. Let me know yours...what is the main source of your site traffic ?
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    Best source of website traffic is Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. Daily post fresh content on your website and promote it, in your targeted audience. In Social media LinkedIn and Quora is best source of traffic.
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    I will say social media. As I am doing both SMM and SEM, while checking on google analytics, I always see the main source of my traffic is from Social Media.

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    ALWAYS paid traffic, I've been doing it for the last 4 years and have mastered basically all channels. Free traffic is great but it's not scalable whatsoever.

    I drive that traffic to either a squeeze page or affiliate offers, both cost per sale ones and cost per action ones.
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    Well ,
    My Main Source of Traffic is Google and I didn't make any website whose search volume is less then 10000 per month because if it not running on affliated links then it is waste of time.
    But if you have a Strong Social Media Stretegy then It is best then Google because when google changes it Algorith like last time then everything ruined but social media remain forever.
    I recommend you To Spent Some money on social media to Make a Big Fan Follower.
    Below Some Of the Best Traffic generating Social Media.
    • facebook
    I don't recommend you to waste your time on Google Plus, because it is not worthy at all.
    I'm a Technical SEO expert and SEO consultant and a Fron End Developer too
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    Email list.. plus the more you send them a link to some good info (no spamming ofc), it also boosts your Alexa ranking.. if you care bout that.


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    For new sites, the main source of traffic is usually social or paid traffic. Paid traffic converts at ten times the rate of social traffic. So, there is traffic and there is targeted traffic. I'll take the targeted traffic of paid search over the whim traffic from social media every time.

    For websites that have been around awhile, our number one source of traffic is organic search. The money we spend for paid traffic does not change from the first day. As our websites climb the rankings, a far lower percentage of visitors come from paid traffic vs. organic.
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    Social media is one of the biggest sources of traffic generation for an online business. But, it isn't easy as it looks. You can get immense likes on your social media page but it wouldn't be effective until you bring the urge inside your readers to have a glimpse on your Facebook or other social media posts.

    A big portion of traffic can be generated from search engines, where you need to work a lot to grab the top position by kicking others from there who are securing that position from decades. Here SEO could help you a bit, but when you are following the legal ways.
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    I think quality content and proper distribution of it using different channels is the best way of grabbing the traffic.

    Jhelum Sen, Content Marketing Consultant

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    you can also build backlinks And boost your Alexa Ranking through other SEO methods like. SEO has engagement with Alexa Traffic Rank

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    I use social networks and forums are mostly, besides the Blog, Web 2.0 ...
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    Currently I'm doing SEO and almost my traffic sources (80%) come from search engine. I'm also doing FB Ads and GG Adwords but they're not much, around 10%-20% on my total campaign.
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    I think You have to go with Social Media site. It's a great source to increase website traffic.
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    Facebook and twitter are the main source of mine website's visitors.
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    Google is the main source of traffic for my website. I get 80% of the traffic from Google and the rest from social networking websites.

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  • Doing Social Media Marketing I collect huge organic traffic for my targeted website.
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    I usually get traffic from Google and Social Media (Facebook and Twitter)

    Before you GIVE UP, think about why you STARTED.

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    SEO is an important part of generating traffic.A site should be optimized very well so that the audience engagement increases. Apart from SEO, there are several ways to generate traffic-

    - Blog posts - High quality content generation for targeted audience.
    - Forum engagements on relevant forums
    - Social media platforms - Researching where your audience is most active and strategically using those platforms.
    - Directory submission
    - Infographic submission (if you have some good infographics to share)

    Hope this helps!

    Shivankit Arora
    Marketing Masala
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    Social media is the first
    But you have to do it in proper way.
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    If you want to Maintain your website traffic then you need to concentrate Organic Traffic it means Traffic from major search engines. If your website not optimize then your website is not possible to get organic result.
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    Social media especially Facebook, paid traffic and Twitter are the main source traffic.

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    Different Social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is my main source of organic traffic.
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    Our website gets the traffic through organic & social platform.
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    the source of my traffic comes from the search engines, social networking sites and from the famous large page for posting videos, google is the best.
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    Guest Posting and Social media, Question&Answer is the main source of my daily traffic and visitors.
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    Through paid traffic like facebook ads,bing ads and solo ads. To seo optimize your content is also important but like I just mentioned, I would say paid traffic.

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