How to index my site in Google? because it crawl my site but not index.

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HI Everyone !! Let me help actually my website index page crawl by google but it does not index so how to index my site in Google. because when we check crawl status then it shows but does not show meta title of website.
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    Are you asking that why your site has been crawled but not indexed??
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    Hey latestnewsheadlines,
    Make sure that your site's JS and CSS files are open and not block anything because sometimes googlebot face problem to index your site properly.
    Another way to check your site is to use site command and you can see total index pages.
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    Check in webmaster how many links are indexed and confirm if your robots.txt is proper and its not stopping bots from indexing
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    Sometimes it takes time for SEs to update the crawled status of webpages and you can wait for some time. In the mean time or if your are loosing patience, try to ping your webpages using services like pingomatic etc.
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    Try "submit to index" option in Google webmaster tools. It tells what issue you have in the respective page.
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    Well, please check if there is a noindex tag in the code, if it`s restricted with your robots.txt or if there is an X-Robots noindex tag in the response header by any chance. Make sure sitemap is created. In case the website is freshly added just give it some time to get indexed.Cheers.
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    Oh he knows it's indexed...

    Originally Posted by latestnewsheadlines View Post

    ....because when we check crawl status then it shows but does not show meta title of website.
    But the chap wonders about meta title...

    Google will NOT show your meta title in 2017

    Nobody uses it. Yes I know the OP is probably not talking about meta title....but since he mixes this up, he's completely addled. And now you know the rest of the story.


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    I think the OP want to ask why his site was crawled (or indexed) but not showing on the SERPs, or it had not have any ranking in Google search. If it's right, you need to wait or doing more SEO, PPC to get more traffic and keywords rank on the top of GG search.
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