Google Released an official video on hiring an SEO

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Nothing too surprising here. This can be good for SEO's when presenting to potential clients, especially the one part where it says expect four months to a year before seeing any solid results. The language is pretty strong as well with emphasis on "good" SEO's with the video explicitly calling out SEOs who stuff keywords and buy links.

What do you guys think?
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    We all know followed links rank pages. Buying links isn't bad assuming you're not buying links from someone that advertises they sell links to anyone with a dollar in their pocket.

    Look at Warrior Forum, Freelancer bought a domain with an established link profile. They didn't buy a $10 domain without links. I realize they wanted the traffic but regardless, they technically bought links even If they don't take advantage of it for SEO.

    My point is, buying domains for the SEO link profile is very common. Google doesn't like it If you say you bought links and SEO is involved but so what, in the real world you do what's necessary to get the job done.

    What's funny is Google is the original source that told the world followed links rank pages. They ran the public page rank for over a decade.

    Google can't undue history, there's no do overs.
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    Google says a lot of things.

    She says a ton of things.

    They are telling YOU to do THEIR job.

    I think not.

    Half of what google says, it says to stop people worrying about ranking.
    The other half says what you should do to get ranking.

    Unfortunately, people will quote the inane stuff.

    Real SEO people dig deep for the other half.

    Google wants you to worry about humans. Unfortunately, humans are not showing serps.

    They have literally taken all relevant SEO advice,and put it behind a curtain. They will give you videos talking nothing about beautiful the curtain is.

    Real seos know the score.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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