How many ways can you get free web site traffic?

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How many ways can you get free web site traffic? Which one of the following is effective?

Google Webmaster Tool > Add Url

Forum Posting

Classified Ads website

Article Marketing

Link Building
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    Article marketing is a bit dated with the possible
    exception of as Google took
    exception to these article sites.

    Free classifieds are not very effective although some
    will make an exception for Craigslist especially
    local ads.

    Forum posting is effective if done properly.

    Quora question and answer site gets a lot of traffic.

    The usual social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin,
    Pinterset, Instagram, Snapchat etc get a lot of traffic for
    most niches.

    There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube on traffic generation,
    just check that the video is not out dated as the rules on
    these sites change regularly.
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    • Thank you mr.john47 your reply and post helped me to solve my same question and gave me a great idea about how to get free traffic and solved my problem easily.
      Thank you.
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    There are lots of ways... However, I get free website traffic through Pinterest, YouTube, and Quora... But, I think all traffic sources work. People start trusting you when they see you've experience and you've spent some time on that 'specific' platform. In other words, "Bandwagon Effect" matters a lot. If you're popular, and if you're getting lots of likes and upvotes on your comments or posts, people will listen to you and buy your products/services.
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    I like posting in forums, commenting in blogs after READING the post that are in my niche, I still submit to some directories.

    I'm still finding new way to find traffic to my site.
    Signature Marketplace!
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    There are many ways that you can use to bring free website traffic for your site.

    The first method is you can use the SlideShare and similar sites by creating interesting slides and link back to your money site.

    2nd method is creating interesting videos and upload to video sites and put the links to your website. If you don't know how to create videos then you can use the Fiverr services for creating promotional videos with low cost.

    3rd method is creating free ebooks or free download items and provides it through your websites or through the social medias. And if you effectively use this method then you can gain some high-quality social media backlinks for your website without paying any money. And here is the method that you can try to use for your website. First, you create a free download product and then you go to "paywithapost. de". This website is a social pay website, which means if anyone wants to free download your item then they will be forced to pay by twitter tweet or facebook post or google plus post or LinkedIn post etc., and hence you can earn free website traffic and social backlinks to your web page.
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    There are lot of ways to get free traffic.

    Some of them are:

    1. PDF Submission sites

    2. PowerPoint Slide submissions

    3. Social Media bookmarking

    4. Promoting through video (youtube, Dailymotion)

    Try to get niche related traffic for more conversions.

    Thank you.
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    O course anything you can get ranked and to stick in the SERPS your doing real well. Just in that alone there are many ways. Video, blogs, articles, pdf's, images...
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    Instagram is an excellent source for easy, quick & free traffic at the moment.

    SEO is a great long term free solution too - but it won't (generally) provide any results overnight.
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