Best Off-site SEO Tools in 2017?

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Hello, I've been out of the SEO game for a while. The last tool I was using for off-site SEO (around 5 years ago) was SEnuke X, which worked pretty well. I know they have a new product out called SEnuke TNG, which I am testing out. But what are the best/most popular off-site SEO tools similar to SEnuke today?

Also has anyone heard of SyndWire? A company I work for uses it and my initial impression is its pretty crappy and ridiculously expensive for what it is. Let me know your thoughts though.

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    Backlink tools are great but their importance is a bit LOWER in 2017 and the future.



    The tools that will help you get ahead with Rankbrain help with USER behavior

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    Web Developer Tool
    It allows you to find information from CSS, JavaScript, images, cookies, and so on.
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    There are various SEO tools which are important for SEO such as Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, Google Webmaster tool etc. And for site, you can try udemy courses or youtube videos.I think many site moz,semrush,Google webmaster tools,ahrefs,backlinkwatch etc
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    GSA cheap in my opinion, its addition to search by key word when it has a share option that I want Buldlink theme.

    GSA I find it has a very good function is it will scan your entire website, it will rely on the Title tag, Keyword to select Anchor Text. Which means it can Buillink for each article with a separate Anchor Text. And the success rate, it was based on many factors such as your network speed, use the software as a supplement to its GSA Captcha, SEO index, ...
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    I use keyword planer for keyword research and AHref for check backlink. Never use tool for build backlink. You can try Rank HIJack for rank your site fast
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    did you try semrush? semrush also good choice now a days also you can try moz.

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    SeoSpyGlass is the best tool i have ever used for rank tracking as well as competitor Analysis.
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    There are lots of tools exist on the internet about off-site seo tools, some of them are given below:
    >SEObility= free & paid
    >Long tail pro= paid
    >ptchbox= it's also paid version
    >seed keywords= this is free version
    >seoptimer= this is also free version, and so on.
    These are some off-site seo tools, which are works great.
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    Though for off page seo should not use any tools, because of there are risk exist. But you can use some tools which are might be woks fine these are like: social media link building it is online based tool for bookmarking this tools works nice. Email out reach link building for email marketing this tool can works great. For off page seo these tools are might be woks nice.
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