How to bring traffic to your new website?

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This post is for anyone who has a website and is struggling to get traffic to it. The purpose of this post is to give you free methods that will bring traffic to your website in short as well as long term.

One of the most basic things to realize if you have a new website is that, it will take some time before you start getting continuous flow of traffic to your website. The more effort you put in the better it will be for you but it will still take some time. No matter how good you are, some things just take time.

"You can't produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant." - Warren Buffet

So, if you're ready to begin, here are some of the things that will help you get traffic to your website:

1: Produce Valuable Content

First and probably the most important things is to produce valuable content. Not only it will help you get more traffic, it will also help you build trust and make more sales.

How will valuable content help you get more traffic?

First of all, it will get more shares. The only reason people will share your content with their friends is if they like it and the only way they'll like it is if it is valuable. It could be funny, helpful, informational or whatever but it needs to give the audience some sort of value.

Secondly, it will have better rank in search engine. A lot of people run after Google, trying to do everything possible to get a good rank but not realizing that Google runs after value.

Think about it, the two biggest factors for ranking in Google are first, keywords (anyone can do it) and second, backlinks (especially from quality sources).

Now anyone can add their target keywords on their site and in their content but you can't get backlinks from other big sites if your content sucks. The only reason any authority site will link back to your site within their content is if your site provides value to their readers.

Third reason why you should produce valuable content is, so that you can sustain the traffic coming to your website. Let's say you somehow manage to get traffic to your website (suppose you used paid traffic), but will those visitors stay on your website or visit your site again if they find no value there.

People don't visit your site because of you, they visit because of themselves and if they find no value in exchange of their time and attention why would they ever visit again or why would they share it with their friends?

Now in order to produce valuable content you'll need to understand your audience's need and produce content that they find helpful or interesting.

Stop writing content to impress Google or to get more shares and start writing it for your audience; you'll end up with much better rank and higher shares.

Producing valuable content will automatically enable you to take advantage of two biggest online traffic sources; search engine and social media.

2: Get Some Initial Visitors

Just by constantly producing valuable content you'll end up with a lot of consistent traffic to your site in long term but you'll have to bring some initial visitors to your site or else how would anyone find out about your great content anyways?

In the beginning you'll have to bring few people to your website and then (if they liked your content) they'll tell other people about it and will visit your site again and in this way your site will continue to get more and more visitors. Plus at the same time your site will begin to get mentions on other websites thus building backlinks for you and getting better and better rank in Google (that means more traffic) and this will become a cycle...

More people = more shares + more backlink = even more people

But getting those initial visitors is an important part to begin this cycle.

So, how do you get some initial traffic to your site?

Here I'm gonna give you some techniques you can use:

Social Media

First thing you can do is to share your content on your own social media accounts. Every time you write a new post or produce a new piece of content, share it with your own friends or followers on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn.

You can also join Facebook and LinkedIn groups related to your topic and share your posts in those groups.

Other Sources

Another thing you can do is to convert a small part of your post to other formats and share it on different platforms. Like you can make a short video from your post and add it to YouTube and link back to the original post in the description so that anyone who wants to get full content would visit your site.

You can do the same thing in other formats too, like you can convert your post into PDF or PPT and add it to Slideshare or convert it to an infographic and add it to Pinterest etc. (with a link back to your site obviously)

Guest Posting

Third thing you can do is to guest post on other blogs. You can find out blogs similar to your blog but having bigger audience than you, and add guest posts on them with a link back to your content.

Most of the small bloggers will allow you to write a guest post on their blog as long as you're giving value within your content. You can link back to your site somewhere within the content of your guest post or you can link back in the end (in 'about the author' section).

Do yourself a favor and save your time by following these two rules; first of all do not send guest posting request to blogs that don't allow guest posting (check out their blog's rules first) and secondly, don't send requests to huge authority blogs (like Forbes or INC) especially in the beginning they won't accept it. Start with small blogs and as you progress you can begin to write for huge blogs.

Note: Guest posting is not only going to give you some initial traffic it is also a great way of building backlinks and thus by writing guest posts you're increasing your blog's search engine rank in long term.

Forums and Quora

Other than these three things you can use Forums and sites like Quora to get some initial visitors. Find out some of the most popular forums in your niche and join them.

Most of the forums allow you to add a signature (with a link) that's displayed with all your posts. Just add the link back to your site in your signature and start adding posts. Spend 5-10 minutes daily on forums answering other posts and you'll start getting traffic to your site.

You can also use the site Quora. Join Quora and start answering questions related to your topic with a link back to your content wherever it's relevant.

3: Build An Email List

Now the last tip for this post is to build an email list and I suggest that you start building your email list as soon as you start your blog.

Email list is not going to help you with attracting or bringing traffic to your site but it will help you sustain your traffic. Every time someone visits your site, reads your content and leaves it, even if they do have liked your content chances are they'll forget about your site and will never visit again.

To prevent this, you can get their email address when they first visits your site and then every time you create a new post or publish something you can send them an email and bring them back to your site.

Building an email list is a very effective way of growing and maintaining your audience. Think about it, the only people who'll give you their email address are the ones who liked your content and trusted you and thus when you publish a new post they have a much higher chances visiting and reading it (all you have to do is to send them an email to inform them about your new stuff).

Since, your email list subscribers have liked your stuff in first place thus they have a much higher chances of sharing it with their friends and thus bringing more people to your site, which ultimately will lead to more emails and thus more traffic and so on.

The most popular way of getting email addresses is by offering something to your audience in exchange like a book or course etc. Create something valuable related to your topic and offer it to your audience in exchange of their email address.

You can take help from online tools like ConvertKit. It will help you build forms and landing pages to collect emails and create broadcast and automatic email sequences.


The first and most important thing to build long term traffic is to constantly create valuable content for your audience.
Get some initial visitors to your site from social media, forums, Quora, guest posting etc.
Above all start building an email list from the beginning, it will help you grow your audience to a huge level.
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    I like your forum & quora part. True that they can bring really targeted audience.
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    Forum Management & Promotion, SEO Tips, Money Making tips etc.
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      I've gotten few visitors from quora but not that much not even hundreds. I'm more successful bringing in traffic to my site from reddit as they have subreddits there that might cater your niche.
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      I tried Quora, but couldn't generate enough traffic. Any special tips?

      Yuvrajsinh is a Growth Strategist at Space-O Technologies.

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        Quora is the best and most popular questions and answer site. You have a good chance to get more traffic from Quora.
        You have already Quora and now try to be an active member.
        Ask the question and give answers as many as you can per day. Try to give the best answer. Give more take less.
        You can also add the link to your article if it is relevant.
        You can also give the answer of other questions that are not relevant to your niche.
        Thanks, Mytechgoal.
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    Great article i use quora to generate traffic to my various sites and its working like charm.

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    I am using SEO techniques for generate organic traffic. Forum posting and Blog commenting is best way.
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      Agree with you, Try quora and yahoo q&a once. That is work best for me.
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    Thank you maniarora we got it, your post is just superb I can say and it helped me greatly as I have a website and I will definitely try this all things to get huge number of traffic in my website.
    Thank you.
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    Well Nice Article! I think to bring traffic to your new websites- Just go for a Unique content writing and publish it in different social media sites also join open discussion just like forum. Join a different niche community and market your services or product.

    this is the best way to bring traffic and that too a quality traffic not spam traffic.

    Just go for will definitely help you.
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    I Have done all these things but still my traffic did not cross 3000 view per day what did i do..?
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    • Profile picture of the author Nigel Battley
      3000 views per day is quite good if it is continuous, really depends on your audience and product, I mean there aren't that many people into "watercolour drawings of batman in the bath" for example, so if that's your niche I'd be well happy with 3000.
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    Originally Posted by maniarora View Post

    Spend 5-10 minutes daily on forums answering other posts and you'll start getting traffic to your site.
    You can also use the site Quora. Join Quora and start answering questions related to your topic with a link back to your content wherever it's relevant.
    Too long for the thread opener i hope that discussing the most specific and important part will do. Anyway, spending 5 to 10 mins. daily on the forums is not enough to start getting traffic and worst nothing at all that's the reality. I think Quora is a reputable site in which not just let you drop your link because they are strict in links but more on likely discussions only.
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      I second that. It took me 5 mins to read this post alone, and though its title is a question, there is nothing for answering here.

      I like the post and all of the mentioned techniques are good - social media, forums, Quora, but all of them take time. There is no magic formula that will bring you quality traffic without putting the efforts.

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    is google treat forum posting is spam. ?
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    • Profile picture of the author hsahadath
      No, Google doesn't treat forum posting as spam. But you should not take forum sites only for backlink building. You can create backlink but only on the relevant forum.
      You should be an active member otherwise forum will ban you as a spammer.
      Thanks, Myetchgoal.
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    Just make concern on your content if your content is good then you will get attention of customer .
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    WOW You have done good work that's why i really appreciate your work. because Summary make your article too good.
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    hi . i dont have website can you guys help me which one should i use ?
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  • All this activities are common but i am not getting traffic as expected, is there any new technique to generate traffic?
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    • Profile picture of the author northwish
      People always ask for new ways to get traffic - but they never master the basics. The answer is: since all that you need was already invented, learn to master one traffic source and you'll get the best results for your business.
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      I would do PPC campaign if budget allows of course.
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    Great post! This is what wf is all about!

    Internet Marketing newb since 2015

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    Thanks for sharing this. This post is helpful especially for IMers just starting out.
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    Thanks maniarora. I am new into blogging, your advise will go a long way.
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    All good advice but to be realistic on Forums and Quora
    you would need to spend more than 10 minutes a day to
    give answers that are useful.

    I've heard big marketers say that they often spend about
    an hour first thing in the morning doing this before they
    move on to other tasks.

    Having an email list or sending traffic to an email funnel
    of a good affiliate program is essential to make the most
    of this time spent.
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    Oh. I've just created a website with many useful content and did some promoting on Facebook to get traffic. It seems not a good decision.
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    One way of getting traffic to your website is through social media. Although there are still so many ways to boost traffic but then again for targeted traffic it won't happen over night.
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    This is my first time i visit here and I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially it's discussion, thank you.
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  • i think use youtube to get free traffic..
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    Guest blogs are certainly a good way of bringing traffic to your website. The content topics that you publish have to be relevant, precise and crisp in order to draw the attention of your target audience. Yes, social media has immense potential in drawing traffic, but you ought to check the relevancy of such traffic for increasing conversion of prospective buyers.
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  • Profile picture of the author brookeharper08
    Insightful read. Good job!

    Before starting a blog, do you recommend just winging it and building quality content as time progresses or writing 20-30 quality content before launching a blog and just publish each one daily as you continue to write new content?
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    These are some great tips for getting traffic and leads.
    I also believe that building an email workflow to stay in touch with your leads is essential to converting your leads into customers by providing them engaging and informational content. This can be done through creating a process which defines which type of content to be shared with what type of customers.

    Also, forum engagements and quora is an effective method of driving quality traffic as people interact with you on the basis of knowledge you are providing.

    Shivankit Arora
    Marketing Masala
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    Produce good contents, take the help of seo, and use social media to it fullest
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    i product many creative contents but traffic is too low, about 100 visits/day.
    I tried guestblogging but i am afraid of backlink penalty.
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    If you wants to increase your website traffic then focus on social networking sites such as facebook, twitter , pinterest , linkedin or other popular social media sites.
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  • Profile picture of the author Bill Bowman
    I agree that Quora can bring some visitors but as said before I did not get lots from it. Reddit is a great place to drive traffic because you can target visitors that relate to your posts. And forums have always and probably will always be a great source for traffic. Nice post!

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    Thank for Maniarora, currently, I am building a blog, your post will help me a lot in future.
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    I came across your article, I have some suggestions.
    but apart from increasing traffic is not enough, it must affect the desire of appropriate traffic - potential customers, prospects, including: degree of recognition, demand, money, desire thirsty.
    Then convert when they visit so will not waste the visitor source.
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  • All points are good, but Quora don't bring traffic, that's for sure. I had answered many questions and even got views too, but they don't bring any traffic to my steam boiler website. I answer only niche questions, still no traffic shown in my analytics.
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  • Thanks For sharing the Information. I am using SEO off techniques for generate organic traffic. Forum posting, Article submission, Yahoo answering and Blog commenting is best way.
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    Good advise. I'm using almost ways you're mentioning above. That's really helpful

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    I use guest posting, press release distribution as well as social media marketing to drive quality SEO traffic on the site.
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    I like to use quora it improve my ranking. I am satisfied with your forum these tactics helpful to get traffic on your website.
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    It’s not enough to produce great content and hope that people find it – you have to be proactive. One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website is to use social media channels to promote your content.
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    Thank you for these lovely informative post about website traffic ..These information will relay helpful to us. Can you please suggest me some forum where we add a signature (with a link).
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    I am having enough traffic on my website but unable to convert to sales. How do I make sure that my traffic is converted to sales. I am selling at a cheaper price than my competitors
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    • Profile picture of the author Jordan Stark
      Originally Posted by TheRugsAU View Post


      I am having enough traffic on my website but unable to convert to sales. How do I make sure that my traffic is converted to sales. I am selling at a cheaper price than my competitors
      Price does not reflect value. Price and value are two different things. Increase the value in your product, optimize your sales page, and be sure to not skip the lead generation process. As they saying goes, "the lead comes before the sale". If you are direct linking your traffic and hoping for sales then that is same as trying to jump in the ocean to catch fish with your bare is better to use a rod, reel, line, hook, and bait or at least a net.
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    Paid search, social media advertising and display advertising are all excellent ways of attracting visitors and getting your site in front of people. I am using this way
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    Stumbleupon is great for branding and building an audience when used properly.
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    I agree with you I am already in quora and at the same time my traffic to some extent has improves
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  • Profile picture of the author NeRetro
    Thanks for the post! Interesting read.
    Just thought of sharing with all of you here an article I wrote quite some time back about using Quora and Reditt as a part of your social strategy. I used it for my site and sure will help yours!


    I am sharing a quick summary of this article here for easy reading and ref

    On one hand, Quora and Reddit are one of the best platforms in terms of active audience and is useful to gauge what people think and are talking about in your industry. On the other hand having them on such platforms may not be in the best interest for your business.

    Here are ways to leverage on these platforms:
    1) Posting a short story can help

    Founder of Silktide, Oliver Emberton, claims that using Quora has been very beneficial to him. By simply posting a short story that he has had for quite some time on Quora, his article found the attention of many authors, book publishers and movie producers that ended up contacting him with book and film offers.

    2) Separate outreach strategy for both

    the key to utilising these platforms effectively is by adding value through your inputs and educating the public instead of trying to hard-sell your services or products

    3) The secret

    is that you€™re not there to promote your services or product but to genuinely help and add value to the community.

    It's never too late

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    Aim for long tail keywords rather than broad keywords to generate initial traffic for new website.
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  • Conduct a lot of site/page tests to see and to check which one converts the most. As for traffic generation, it is also a good idea to experiment with different strategies, mixing everything together so you can really get the best for each strategy.
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    • Profile picture of the author Madhukar B
      Originally Posted by affilorama-portal View Post

      Conduct a lot of site/page tests to see and to check which one converts the most. As for traffic generation, it is also a good idea to experiment with different strategies, mixing everything together so you can really get the best for each strategy.
      Hey ! nice idea but this is good only when the website is newly launched.
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    Useful post. I don't think email lists are utilised enough (by me anyway!)

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      Thanks for the advice.
      Do you believe a press release is still relevant?
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    There are some factors to bring traffic to your new website is as follows:
    1.Social media
    2.Online Advertising
    3.Guest Blogging
    4.Blog Commenting
    5.Pay attention to On-page seo
    6.Go After Referral Traffic
    7.Interview Industry Thought Leaders
    8.Foster a Sense of Community
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    well.. i am struggling to grow my traffic. Since i deal with a B2B company and the products we sell are not popular here. and visitors to my site are less than 50 per day. Can anyone tell me the cause of such low traffic?
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    To bring large traffic to your site, you can try out the following steps:
    1) Display Online ads.
    2) Link your websites through social media profiles
    3) Promote your content on social media channels
    4) Optimize your headlines
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    Social media and content writing is good to increase a website's traffic.
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    Awesome post! Gave me some ideas of how I can get out there even more. Much appreciated..
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    1. Advertise
    2. Get Social
    3. Write Irresistible Headlines
    4. Pay Attention to On-Page SEO
    5. Target Long-Tail Keywords
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    There are so many things to gain traffic by doing SEO activities and by the help of social media.
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    To bring quality traffic, you need to post quality content to reach targeted audience.

    Social media optimization one of the best way to bring traffic for your website.
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    Quora, Medium and a few sites are doing the content distribution job very successfully. These sites are now being considered as good resources by web commuters.
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    I usually create backlinks and write quality contents to make traffics
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    How to generate more effective traffics for my social media sits?
    and what is top ten social media sits?
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    A lot of talk about Quora on this thread, personally never visited the site. looks like that may well have been a major oversight on my behalf. That's what I like about WF picking up useful snippets here and there.
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    Thank you so much for your Information. I also try to say the same things in market place to my buyers but they did not try to understand. Everyone wants to get result as soon as possible. Thank you once again for your writing.
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    quora is indeed a very good source of traffic but u have to be relevant and valuable when it comes to content. may i suggest Reddit too?
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    With the help of following you can bring a traffic on a websites
    • Produce Valuable Content
    • Social Media
    • Pay Attention to On-Page SEO
    • Target Long-Tail Keywords
    • Start Guest Blogging
    • Pay Attention to Off-Page SEO

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    Great article, the information in the article is correct.we can achieve high ranking by using these techniques.
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    Great post. I like the social media, forum and quora part. I frequently use forums and Quora for helping others and gain huge traffic from there.

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    Great. This is a shared post for a newbie with a long-term strategy for the website. Thank you sunflower sharing.
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    I am using quora to generate more traffic for my site and its really give me best results.
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    Thanks for sharing this information. I'll definitely link into Quora and other sites to bring in traffic.
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    I typically produce backlinks and write quality contents to create traffics
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    ok , i agree with you
    but, can you tell me more about valuable content
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    Stumbleupon is nice for stigmatisation ANd building an audience once used properly.
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    Regular Blog update, guest posting with social media marketing can increase your site traffic quickly.
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  • Thank you so much for this great post.

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    My blog is barely a week old, the traffic is not encouraging though but I believe with time thing's will get all better. I will have to start working on my off-page more as my on-page seo scores great.

    Thanks for the mail list tip. I already installed mailchimp but most articles I have read always suggests aweber or getresponse.

    BTW which free auto responder would you recommend please? I don't have enough $$ to spend on premium once yet.

    Once again thanks for the tips sir!
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  • Dead on! You put the right method at #1 with Content. Most everything that drives traffic to your website or blog is content driven. Even a simple PPC ad requires content for the ad, the landing page, the ebook you give away, the email series and more.

    Content, Content, Content. I know it's hard work and it takes time to put it all together, but content is the king and will always be in one form or another. While there's a small shift from written content to audio and video, all forms of content matter and make a huge difference with marketing.

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