Does Moving from HTTP to HTTPS Affect Website's Google SERP?

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Have you done this recently? If yes, how did it affect SERP?
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    Yes, it does. It will increase the traffic. But it is completely unnecessary if your site does not have any money transaction systems.
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    no, but you have to 301 redirect http tp https and create new webmaster with https
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    I don' think so your question is right because according to google is important for every website. And Defiantly its affected.
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    Well it`s a really lightweight ranking factor, and yes, it`s unnecessary if your website doesn`t carry any sensitive info, so I wouldn`t really expect the rankings to skyrocket due to that. In case you do it for a reason - it may benefit slightly, but you should make sure really carefully that you perform it properly (mind ALL the tiny things that can possibly get affected by the switch - absolute links getting broken, redirect loops, etc.), and make sure to adjust everything respectively. Don`t forget to update the sitemap and re-submit it, and be ready for a bit of a 'Google dance' at first.
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    I put my site through this over Christmas, it dropped my rankings off the cliff for four weeks, week five they started coming back, week six they stabilised back to old levels, week eight they improved slightly from my old benchmark and it's been the same since then.
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    You need to put 301 redirection fast. After redirection is not affect SERP.
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    Originally Posted by wartest View Post

    Have you done this recently? If yes, how did it affect SERP?

    Yes, you should switch over to https for all your top secret data.

    Just do it!
    - Shakin -
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