From start to finish how long does it take?

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I'm wondering how long does it take a website to rank well in google from start to finish? Like lets say I finished the site and launch it to the internet today when can I expect to see it rank well lets say on the first page for it's main keyword hypothetically speaking.
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    You can rank within hours if your site is that good.
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    Hey Julio,
    First I have few questions from you:-
    - Which are technology or platform you using for the website?
    - Which hosting are you using for your website Server?
    - Which location are you looking for Website Rank up on Google?
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      I was generally speaking when I ask the question.

      It's that important to know what platform or type of website I use to rank better in google?

      Ok lets say...
      Regular website.
      Shared hosting.
      Location USA.

      I've always thought that having any kind of website but good use of keywords would have the site rank high in google.
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    You can't touch the top of the hill without climbing following some steps so don't expect to rank high without putting proper effort and I'll say unique articles and user engaging contents. Thanks :-)
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      So it would take months or maybe years for a site to rank high in google if that website would launch today?
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    It could be weeks or months or years - or never. You don't know until you work at it...depends on niche, on your site, on competition and on optimization and backlinks and so much more.

    Anyone who says "you can do it in xxxxx" is blowing smoke.

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    Depends on how competitive the keywords are. SEO rule of thumb is - the more competitive the keywords, the longer it will take to rank.

    Think about this:
    - Are the keywords you are trying to rank for international, national, local or state level?
    - How competitive is the industry and/or keywords?
    - Are the keywords generic or long-tail?

    So, based these answers, it can be a week to years.

    Also, you have to consider Google Sandbox for newly launched sites.

    For more info, check out my blog post on Google Sandbox. I also recently wrote a piece on keyword ranking difficulty.
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      All answers above are correct, there are too many imponderables and you have given too little information. Yes you can start to rank immediately if you've ticked all the boxes and set up correctly. Realistically it's 3 - 6 months to get to 1st page on a competitive keyword as long as you're not trying to knock of an authority site, but even that is possible if you are that determined and have a few shillings,

      Quite honestly your question was a bit like asking how long is a piece of string.
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    Hi Julio, it really depends on what keywords you want to rank for. Thats where keyword research comes in. There is a great guide I found for free online (not sure if I can share it here though). Anyway, if you are targeting a local area for example it will be much easier to rank and the timeframe will be much quicker. Usually.

    So, for example if you have a construction type of business then you would want to target a term like "YOUR CITY,lighting fixture repair" instead of "YOUR CITY, construction. The second term will be much more competitive than the first term so it will be much harder to rank and take more time. The first term will be much easier to rank and will take less time.

    Hope that helps.
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    To determine how long it would take for your site to rank on Google, you have to consider the popularity of the keywords you used and how competitive your niche market is.

    According to statistics, it takes around 3-6 months for a site to rank in Google. It's a process that takes constant effort so it's not something that you can whip up in a matter of minutes.

    To improve your stats and rank higher at a much faster pace, keep writing quality content - fresh ones work best, no dead backlinks (keep them to a minimum, and go for keywords that have less competition.
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    That depends on the value inside your website. Supposing your website content is rich and greatly helpful, you've done SEO and drove enough traffic, it'll take around 5-8 months for your site to rank well. That's what I've observed with mine.
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    It can take weeks or months to rank well in google and it depends on what keywords you want to rank.

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  • From my experience, if you have a good SEO and unique content, within a couple of weeks you can rank on first page. The hard part is that you have to manage to stay there !
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