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Hello my Warrior Friends. Today i need your help because am still confused. My reviews website is elitereviewz but am not used robots.txt file , but i don't know why my site is not index in google. after submit in google , Google say don't your site not show due to robots.txt.

I am still waiting your answers because am worried.!
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    Yes your website should contain robots.txt file for sure! I can help you with this. Let me know if you need any assistance.
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    Robots.txt files are important. You need it, add it first.
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    I have 1 travel site in .com domain i want to rank my site five google country:
    • (France)
    • (Germany)
    • (U.A.E)
    • (U.K)

    ANy one done work that kind of? Help how can do that in linkbuilding and Onpage seo?
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    There is one way, try to edit your robots.txt and allow all pages to index and re-submit it to webmaster tool. Also, I kindly request you to share your file here to get better answer to this question.

    You can render and index your webpage using webmaster and also submit your site to index using
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  • Well SEO is the whole process that needs to be done to rank your website/youtube on Google. You need to use your robots text in the root directory and get it crawled by Google.
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    If Google is finding the website then there must be a robots.txt file. If you didn't uploaded the file then ask your developer, he might have uploaded it.

    or it may be possible that your website has tag to block robot.
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    If you google for - you`ll see that http version of your website is actually indexed.

    The obvious issue I see - is that you have both http and https versions of your website available, so first make sure to set the permanent redirect from one version to another. Next, once you have only one version available - you should update your sitemap accordingly - generate it anew for https pages, re-submit it to Google and update a link to it in your /robots.txt.

    Btw, your robots.txt contains the line 'User-agent: *' and then doesn`t contain any instructions, that`s confusing, so you should probably remove that line and only leave the path for sitemap.
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