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I built a good Wordpress site. I did everything except SEO. I did key words, but needed help building backlinks.

I hired someone to build my, backlinks. I paid him $500 dollars and he promised me 400 hits a day with a sub 50% bounce rate.

He has not finished the project, and wants more money. I told him I would gladly pay more if the site gets anywhere close to 400 hits a day.

But it is not, its getting 10 hits a day.

I told him that he had to finish before Getting paid any more.

My concern is, he is woven into my site, has everything he needs (passwords etc.) destroy my site.

My question is, how can I protect my site? What do I need to do to prevent this scammer from getting back in the site?

Thank you very much.
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    You did what a lot of people(sic) do. They buy a domain, get WP, then BOOM!
    Instant webmaster!

    If you don't know how to change your passwords, then contact your host.

    You act as if you don't even know how to change passwords....

    I won't even go into more ways of preventing anyone from logging in.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    has already given what would be my first advice, then rename your login URL & make sure you WP admin directory is protected,

    Have to say very silly paying an unknown so much up front without results, but hey we all start somewhere.
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  • Hey there, not a big deal.

    First things first go to your wp admin area

    go to users > all users then edit your username and change the password.

    next delete any other users created that are for this SEO guy.

    After that install a security plugin that requires 2 factor authentication to log in.

    here is one - https://wordpress.org/plugins/two-fa...uthentication/

    Good luck!
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      Thanks guys, appreciate the help. I established a drop box for starters.

      I will implement your advice starting tomorrow.
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        Originally Posted by Key Seek View Post

        I will implement your advice starting tomorrow.
        Yeah baby, yeah! Why do today what can wait until tomorrow?

        Not in that much of a hurry to "protect" a site, are we?


        If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    400 hits per day is not a big task But you have wait for some time if your site is too new. I'm talking about organic SEO traffic not fake traffic.

    SEO with SMO is also required to increase your site quality hits.
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    Hi ,
    i understand all what are you saying , i hope you never provide him main c panel .

    if you made him wordpress Editor and you know how to change WP Password it, is easy to back up your site .

    If you don't know how to change your password, then contact your host site.
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      Yes, he has the c panel. This morning he said that organic traffic will take some time.

      My only choice is to wait and see. I just installed drop box.

      Also, what if I move my site over to Blue Host? I should then beable to protect it, yes?
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    You don't know how to change a password on the current host but you think it's going to be easier to move the site to a new host?
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      I am temporarily located on his host. I need to get off there and get onto my own blue host domain.

      Changing passwords is not an option. I am being nice to him until I get my own set up.

      Apparently he worked on some backlinks today, so no reason to go ballistic just yet. I just want to be protected in the future, because his behavior and expectations are not reasonable.

      For example, he demanded $150 yesterday, which is fair if he finished his work. But he has not. Today we negotiated, and I will pay him the $150 if he meets a hit rate we agreed upon with a low bounce rate. I explained that it is fair of me to not pay him until the job is done, and he grudgingly agreed.

      But like I said, I eventually want complete control over the site.

      He has 4 quality back links....in my niche it is very, very hard to get quality backlinks.

      I need his help there. If he completes the task I will pay him.

      I the meantime, I was hoping there was an option for me to take the entire site and store it until I get it over to Blue host.
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        OK, so I am about to witch over to Blue Host...any advice?
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