YouTube SEO vs Website SEO | What's the difference?

by Pr1nc3
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Hey experts..

I just want to know the difference between youtube backlink and website backlink.
If I want to rank a youtube video, how should I create backlink? As like I did for website rank?

Or is there any process include create backlink? Can you please describe..
If there any link just comment below.

Best Regards
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    Sorry, I'm not sure what you are asking here. A link is a link. There is no difference between a link to a YouTube video and a link to a website.
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      Kindly take a look a comment below
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    You cannot rank a youtube video by building links to it. You can only put the link to the video to certain places from where you can get views.
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      I have a video on "Stack In Java". I posted that on YouTube.
      There are so many videos. When people search for java tutorial, my video don't show first.

      I heard that if I create backlinks for my video It will show first.. That's why I am asking

      Sorry for bad English
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        It is the same process as website! Take your youtube video URL and then make backlink on pointing that URL. You may get some link juice that can help you to rank!

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    It's similar but some of the data will be different than regular SEO. Choosing the keywords you're targeting for your video's Title and Description should be the same process you go through to a page on your website.
    You cannot rank a YouTube video by backlinks. Get VIEWS instead of backlinks, YouTube follows EMBED links not YouTube backlinks.
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      And you need to find keywords that have YouTube results in Google. In other words, Video Keywords. Mostly How to's , reviews, and tutorial videos will helpful you to ranked better in Google.
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      Thanks I have got my answer..
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    Your question is not clear. Link on youtube video and link of website, when you place this link in different places it is backlink, it is relatively same. The SEO problem I think is different in content. However, on Youtube, I think the potential for growth will be bigger if the video content is good, and then you do not need SEO anymore when you have many subscribers. The nature of Youtube is Google.
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      Actually I don't know how to more clear :p but I got your answer
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