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Hey guys,

First-time poster here. I have been puzzled with this for awhile and not sure if I'm totally overthinking it or not. It's one of those questions which is hard to explain so I have some images to help me out.

For some context, I'm originally a graphic designer and have been given the task of building a website www.found.careers I took on the task after someone had already set up the "sites layout"

We have used WordPress with the visual composer plugin.

I installed Yoast SEO and have gone through all the settings but the seo titles and meta descriptions on each page as I'm waiting on my bosses idea for keywords.

Ok so now for the question. The homepage for the site was made like this-

and all the "sections" of the homepage are separate pages like this-

Will this be an issue for SEO? The "home-page" contains no text or images, only the section pages attached to it do. I can add a SEO title and meta description but thats all I have going on in that page.

2nd question

Using the theme "Upshot" I didn't want the links on the menu bar to be different to the first link on the dropdown. As you can see here the "Job Seeker" link on the menu bar if clicked goes to the "How it works" page via a redirection
that I set up.

This is an image of the Job seeker page which has no text or images as Im just using this page to redirect people to the "How it works" page

Once again I would like to know if there are any SEO complications using this method. If there are I will rectify it now before continuing to build out the site.

I hope I have made sense and would appreciate any help or guidance.

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