Any New website to get more freelancers work ?

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Hello everyone,

I am Digital Marketer doing freelancers work. Last 3 months i make profile on Upwork but they rejected my profile. I don't know why they rejected my profile. Then make on profile on but i haven't any reviews on my profile so i can't get any projects. I don't know where to get more freelancers SEO projects. I am want to start my own agency. Anyone share any experience with me. And tell me name of new websites & suggestions.
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    First of all you will need experience to do work from reputable sites.

    Start small. Try reading all the stuff that comes around you in this field and do more freelancing jobs.

    Starting an agency is not really easy. You need to hire professionals for that you need money. And money comes from doing small jobs first.
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    Upwork will reject your profile if you have been constantly bidding on jobs but fail to get work.

    I'm currently a top rated freelancer on Upwork with 100% job completion.

    Here's how I did it.

    1) Create a 100 % complete profile with samples etc.

    2) Bid on a low paying job and overdeliver to get positive feedback

    3) Niche down... If you're offering SEO services, that's too broad. Become a "YouTUbe SEO specialist" you can always let your clients know you do other SEO work after they hire you.

    4) With each job you win, double your rates. If you start at $5 an hour and win a job. Raise it to $10 per hour, then $20, then $40 etc.

    Keep going until you hit a wall and stop winning jobs. Then and drop back down in price. If you hit a wall at $80 an hour, work several jobs at that price point and then increase in small $20 increments from then on, slowly building your hourly rate.

    5) if you really are an SEO specialist... Then rank a few pages, YT videos, etc and link them to your upwork profile.
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