Web 2.0 pages for backlinks and SEO to money site

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is there still value in creating 1-3 post web 2.0 sites like Squidoo and HubPages that link back to your money site? or has this method faded off?
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    These links help a little bit, but I do not think they are worth the time.
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    Its better that if your create your own PBN through paid hosting services.
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      I'm confused what you're saying. it's better to have a PBN or it's better to web 2.0 sites than it is to use PBNs?
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    It will create you little bit. But it won't give you some extra SEO advantage.
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    Squidoo is no longer around, I believe having an article of two on Hubpages could be beneficial, especially if it is a "guide" or "list", and can be relevantly linked back to your website and promoted on social media as well.

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    You can also create web 2.0 on different different plateform like blogger, wordpress, Tumblr, Wix, Weebly and others.
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    If the purpose for getting backlinks, you can try zombie web 2.0.
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    In my point of view hub page is more better rather than Squidoo. It will give you huge amount of traffic and back-links for the site, so try to post quality and unique content as per hub page guidelines.
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    if you're looking for backlink then zombie web perfect for you
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    Yes, web 2.0 still help. Use blogger, wordpress, etc..
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    you can create web 2,0 but It won't effect on your SEO
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    In the context of link building, we use ‘Web 2.0’ as short hand to refer to Web 2.0 blogging sites, where users can publish contents on their own blogs (mainly in a Sub-domain)

    WordPress is a great example, with WordPress.com being a Web 2.0 hosting site and each individual WordPress blog being a piece of user generated content. Tumblr and Blogger are two other relevant examples.

    All of these platforms allow you to publish your own content, where you can link to your money site.

    Web 2.0 blogs are very powerful in generating unique backlinks, and boost your search engine ranking as most of the web 2.0 site’s domain have huge authority and weight. WordPress.com is a DA 97, Tumblr has DA 98 out of 100!
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    In terms of costs/benefit ratio they are the best. 0 cost, can't go wrong.
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    yeah the 2.0 website is always helpful for your page. This is essential step for SEO
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    They do but expired ones with backlinks are way better than fresh ones. Using something like expired tumblr hunter to find them. It's still free I believe.

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