The problem of having more than one H1 tag on a Page

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Hi All,

How bad would you consider having more than 1 H1 tags on a page?. I´ve heard that for HTML5 having more than 1 H1 tag is also valid.

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    It's not very bad. It's just confusing thing. If they have same theme, i think it's not bad. But if you can do it you have to remove one h1.
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    oh...that's really bad that confuses the google and effect the rankings all you can do is to ask your web developer to remove the H1 tag so that it will be easier for google to index your site
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    As I know, goggle don't like it very much and considers this as an error
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    This is more of an issue of style than something that will get your site penalized (unless it is blatantly being done for optimization purposes only). You'll hear time and again that Google only allows one H1 on a page. This has been repeated so many times in so many places that it has become a "fact" that is not supported by anything Google has ever said.

    That said, there is rarely a reason to have more than one H1. It isn't going to help you rank any better (or worse), so it is usually better to go with a more structured page with an H1 as the title of the page and other sections as H2s or H3s.

    Way back in 2009, Matt Cutts addressed this and said that Google DOES NOT automatically penalize for multiple H1 tags on a page.
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    Its better to use one H1 tag on a page as it indicates to search engines about the primary subject matter of each page and for sub headings h2 to h6 tags are available.
    Please read this also:-
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    There are generally two reasons this question is asked. The first and most common is for SEO purposes; ensuring content is formatted in the best way possible to aid search engine indexing. The second is technical correctness; ensuring that markup is written in accordance with the appropriate W3C spec.

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