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Hey guys.

Going through what appears to be the minefield of SEO and thought I would take a break and ask a few questions for some clarification. Background is that I am a photographer with a website (that shows my portfolio only) and I am nowhere to be found in a google search. I don't have a whole lot of competition in my area so in my head I'm thinking I should be able to move up closer to the first page.

- Considering there's little competition in my area, how long does it typically take to make it to page 1? 6 months/1 year? I know this is a 'how long is a piece of string' question but just want to throw it out there.

- I built my site using as it's convenient for me and my line of work. After reading a few different articles I've decided to keep the 'Keywords (Meta Tags)' field entirely empty, and instead I've just focused on the site title and description. Right move?

- I set up google webmaster tools on the site yesterday. When I log in it says that there's 'No data available'. How long should it take for me to see some data on the console screen?

- My site is bare bones at the moment. No text really, just 50 images. Is it worth my time writing a sentence for each of those 50 images for the alt text field? Do these all have to be entirely unique? A lot of the photos were taken in a studio, so there's only so much I can conjure up!

- Is there a way to find out where I rank right at this moment on a search result (so I can track if what I'm doing is actually working)?

I posted this on reddit the other day but this appears to be a better place to ask, thanks!

That's all for now!
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    Google webmasters tool takes some time. And even though your niche has low competition still there is no specific time when you will rank better.

    Alt texts are really important if you want to get your image ranked. Meta descriptions describe your page so yeah they are needed.
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    Alt Text, Meta Keywords, and meta description is highly needful elements to improve the page rank in your website. Wait for one week to get the updated details of google webmaster tools or you want immediate results, i suggest to go for paid one. Alt tags content is supremely important.

    The positive end from your site is unique title and description. These also going to highly benefit your rank and beat the competition as it is less.
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    You want to build the brand will take time, especially for those competitive keywords in your field,
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    Here is a free tool (free for the base version) that will track keywords on your site for google, yahoo and bing.
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    Instead of listening to the awful advice in this thread, and more terrible advice that I am sure is yet to be posted, here is what I would do. Take a look at the sites that are ranking well for the keywords you want to rank for and see what they are doing. Right there are your answers.

    That being said, you are targeting a local market. You want to make sure you setup a Google My Business page. Verify the business and then start creating citations. That will help you to rank in the local pack for relevant keywords. That would be my #1 focus.

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    First audit your website by using SEO Audit tools. According to that try to fulfil all the SEO requirements.
    Also check your competitor's site and from which site they are getting backlinks and which are good for getting traffic.
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