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My website is

My keyword is Website Design Company, Website Development Company.

Recently My Company local address is India...

My site is top in Result for all Keywords, but not even visible for .COM(USA Search Result)

Why this happen......??

if it occur due to local Indian Address....?

Give me some possible solution

Thanks in Advance
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    Try to optimize your site with local USA directories.
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      Thank You Mandydobrev, for your Instant & valuable reply
      I will definitely work on USA Directory Submission
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    You need to take the keywords by targeting Google USA location.
    Apart from keywords, you need to apply SEO techniques based on US local results for on page and off page optimization techniques.
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      Thank you Sophia for your valuable advice
      you mean Business Listing and local USA classified sites listing,
      but I have not USA Country address I have only local INDIA address for my site.
      and , for USA local Business Listing address required...
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    Google placement priorities. When you are in the United States, keyword search, you can stop your Website first, but if you're in India, you can stand your Website on page 2 or 3
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    Hi esparkinfo,

    I have checked your website, and found some changes u could do as per my knowledge.

    > Please Avoid your local Address in the footer, try to create a page as ContactUs
    > Check whether your keyword is a target keyword in USA, if your keyword have enough searches in USA then that would generate the traffic to your website.
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    you have to use SEO resources which are helpful for US ranking.
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    There are a metric shit-ton of website design companies in the United States or targeting search terms in the United States.

    Why in the world would Google rank yours anywhere in the top 100 or top 50 even?

    My point is, you are in a highly competitive field. If you are relying on SEO to bring in clients, I hope you have a huge budget to spend.
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    As your business is in India - it`s quite natural that you ain`t visible in Since your website features local Indian address - it`s hardly possible you`ll rank in US in times when all the searches are localized. However, if you remove your actual address or indicate a false location - there`s a good chance you`ll get de-ranked locally as well. And yes, you`ll hardly get to the local US directories without a valid address.

    I`d say there`s one logical way to appear in the US results - you could consider the keywords that are likely to be used by searchers from US who might have a real intent to find a company like yours: think 'outsourcing' or 'overseas' keywords. In a nutshell, you should optimize your website for such keywords to appear in the search results for those who might actually be searching for an overseas web development company.
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