If a keyword has very low competition, how long would it take to rank with...

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a new domain/website?

Would it take months even if it's a low competition keyword?
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    If a keyword which is of low competition and high demand (which is really hard to find) then it can get ranked overnight. But there is no specific amount of time that anyone can tell.
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      Even on a brand new domain?
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    it takes at least 3-6 months to get top rank on google search with a low competition keyword
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    Depending on your ability, low competition keywords also easy seo.
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    Not even Google would be able to answer this question. You just have to test things out and see how fast you're able to rank
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    I'm not wanting to know any precise time periods or anything like that. I just want to know if it would take like half a year even for a low competition keyword like some people say.
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      Shorter than high competition )

      . It really depends on your efforts but you wouldnt want to rank on 1st page in a very short time as this might not look natural. Again it is Google full of mysteries
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    If you find a high demand, low competition keyword, I would create a video targeting that keyword. You will rank in Youtube and You just may get on Google really fast. Sometimes I can rank them in minutes. You then place a call to action in the description that goes to whatever offer on your site you are promoting.
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    I think you just on page optimization it will be enough to rank for lower competition keywords
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    In my opinion, I agree that this is a near impossible question to answer. Some great answers here though, just keep working at your goal...
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    If a keyword competition is very low than it will take min 1 month to rank in Google.
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    it depends on how good are your SEO? and depend on the age of the website with da and pa point
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    It is depend on your on-page strategy and link building method. There are no specific time to get rank well in SERP.
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    It takes 1-2 months for any website if there is low competition.
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    It doesn't mean that if the keyword is low competition it will be easier to rank. Keyword research is probably the most difficult part of SEO. So it is actually depends on the keyword you are targeting, the research you've done and most especially your target audience.

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    As per the search engine requirement. each and every keyword take appropriate time for ranking. rest low competitive keyword can rank easily
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  • If no competition then you will have any sites on #1 in 2 to 4 weeks.
    Thanks !! Sara
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    Even your keywords are having very low competitions, If you are not optimizing your website perfectly for on page as per the Google algorithms, your website wouldn't rank. So don't consider about the keyword competitions. Just optimize your website with quality content and great user experience. Then your website will rank automatically with in 3 months of time.
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    It takes 1-2 months.
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    It depends on your optimaization & selection of Perfect keywords.
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