Each Backlink I Get Lowers the Page's Ranking in Google?

by Crom
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Seems like when I get more than one backlink to a webpage its organic ranking goes down for the keywords in the title. Now, that would be expected if building a bunch of backlinks to a page. But I don't do that.

For example, I have a website that is one year old with 2 backlinks. The home page ranked 33rd spot in Google. Then I get two new backlinks within a week, one pointing to the home page and one to an inner page (one naked url backlink and one anchor text). Soon after I got the backlinks the homepage ranks 50th spot. It'™s now a month later and still in 50th spot. That's a drop of nearly 20 spots.

But the same thing happens on other website™s I own. If I get one backlink to a page it might do better in search. If I get a second one it ranks worse. Is anyone having the same problem? Meanwhile my pages with no backlinks often rank better than without.
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    A drop from 33 to 50 means nothing. It's meaningless.

    Your whole premise is inane.

    Here's a thought. Try and remove all backlinks.

    For each backlink you remove, you should go up 10 spots.

    Problem is, you only have 2. So at best, you will go up 20 spots.

    Of course if you are still reading this far, you realize the whole thing is a nutzoid.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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      I know it sounds crazy. But that's what happen. I'm wondering if google is getting better at realizing unnatural links.
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        Originally Posted by Crom View Post

        I know it sounds crazy. But that's what happen. I'm wondering if google is getting better at realizing unnatural links.
        Nailed it!

        If you know they are crappy, easy to get links, Google likely does, too.

        Chances are, if the links are bad, so is the content. Over time, bad content or sites with bad link profiles keep falling in the rankings because better content and sites with better links overtake it.

        Either the links or the content (probably both) are bad if you are going down instead of up. Time to reevaluate your link and content strategy.
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    You can just do quality link building on trusted website.
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    If they are good backlinks, you are most likely going through "Transitional Rankings".

    Read more about it here: Transitional Rankings

    A lot of people will also call this the "google dance"...
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    Have you tried relevancy instead of backlinks

    this works best today, I do this all the time with little to no backlinks
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