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Dear WF users,

Since two years my Dutch Craft Beer webshop is making baby steps, with turn-over and SEO positions. At a certain points (januari this year) and some savings, I even decided to quit my job to put all effort in this project. That same month I launched a English, Swedish and a German version of

However, I choosed to registrar different domain names because beer is spelled differently in every language. For user friendliness and passing popularity (link-juice) the idea is to have on every page a "select language" box which redirects the user / bots / linkjuice to the same page in the selected language.

This means that if a user is on a certain category or product page and select the german flag he will be redirected to the same category / product page on the german domain ==>

This means that every page has an minimum of 3 extra external links because we have a total of 4 domains.

However: Because the three other domains are still quiet young and new, they lack behind in popularity (TF / CT - PA / DA). I use MajesticSEO, so in my case I talk in a lack of TF and CF.

The problem is that in MajesticSEO the Dutch site is increased in CF mainly because all those extra links from the other language have more CF then TF.

The balance between CF and TF is getting worse and I also see some drops in rankings.

Can this be the reason of that, or should I ignore the increase of CF?

Looking forward to some feedback!
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