Moving content from home page to new page without losing rankings

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I'd like to migrate some key content from my home page to a new page to improve rankings for that content, without losing existing rankings.

Normally I would use a 301 when migrating content, but I do not want to remain be my home page, I just want to change the content.

For context, I created my website several years ago and started as a single page with my primary content on my homepage. As time went on I continued adding pages and I am no longer targeting a very small niche.

My current homepage has content that ranks very well for a few keywords, and I would like to migrate that content to a separate page so I can treat my homepage as more of a landing page that can represent all of my content.

My concern is that when I create a new page I will be starting over trying to rank for the keywords I am currently ranked well for.

Any ideas on the best way to manage this? If I simply copy the existing homepage content to a separate page will google see this and maintain rankings or will I truly be starting from scratch? Has anyone else gone through something similar to this?
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    Personally, I feel like you would be starting from scratch if you copy and pasted the content to another page without using a canonical to let Google know why you have duplicate content on your site.

    My suggestion would be to create the new page and rewrite (not copy/paste) the content that is ranking for your desired keywords that your homepage is and start driving traffic there instead of the homepage. Once the new page starts ranking for the desired keywords, then you could tighten up the homepage by removing some of that content you wish to transfer. Yes, I said removing it because you won't need it on your homepage anymore since the new page is already ranking for those key terms.
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    Moving content from home page to new page without losing rankings

    Simple, create a 2nd page on the same domain, put more emphasis on the keyword for 2nd page, link from the 1st ranked page to the 2nd internal page. Sit back and watch the SERPs.

    Do not mess with the 1st ranked page other than adding a new link pointing to the 2nd page.

    Both pages on the same domain need to be unique content otherwise Google will ignore the new page.

    Eventually you can phase out the Home page once it drops off the SERPs for your keyword but make sure you backup all the pages involved. Meanwhile prop up the new page with additional followed links from relevant pages.
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