DA and PA is still work?

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Hi everybody, I am newbie at SEO. I know almost people use DA and PA of mozbar to determine which website is good or not. But few months ago until now, i heard many people said that moz now is very slowly updating their stats. I dont know if it's true or not? Can anybody tell me please
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    I m using mozbar along with SEOquake....Once both show me good ranking of a website then only I trust that website DA and PA...I don't know about mozbar updates but you can other alternatives as well the know the DA and PA of a website..!!
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    yes they always work in seo!!
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    I'm having the same question. When will the the next update of DA and PA in mozbar?
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    Right DA & PA are led mAjor role in SEO but don't know what updates may come on DA, PA.
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    I think it's not important, only focus on quality, relevant and trusted websites and need to follow Google guideline.
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    PA & DA plays an important role in Seo.
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    Hi all!
    Well PA/DA metrics still exist in competitor analysis reports quite a lot. And many people are used to it.
    But it is possible to assume that the industry is slowly moving away from them as a metric. It is recommended looking at a few other things while evaluating your website/page growth overtime such as traffic sources, landing/exit pages, etc as well.
    SEO PowerSuite - the most trusted SEO software on the market!
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    DA and PA are NOT used by any search engine as a metric in their ranking algoirthms --> they count for nothing.
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    DA and PA still works .... but in my eye CF/TF matters more in calculating the worth of the website
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      Originally Posted by GlobexWeb View Post

      DA and PA still works ....
      As no search engine uses the DA and PA metrics, care to explain how they "still works"?
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        By That I Means ,

        DA/PA Matrix still matter in General to determine the worth of the website by those general People who are not Deep into the SEO field.

        And Yes they are not now the criteria of Ranking in SERP.

        But in fools eye these Matrix still matter
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    DA and PA is very important thing to check before using any domain
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    DA/PA is third party i.e Moz's entity and nothing to do with Google. So it is just indicative and can be used as one of way to check website quality instantly. Though I have seen many websites with lower DA ranking very well. There are many other third parties also evaluate websites so my advice is to use all of them and decide.

    And as far as DA/PA updates are concern, they usually do it every month and I think they announce it on Twitter (though I am not sure as not followed recently much).
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