How much Social Book Marking Submission Per Day ?

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Over submission of social book marking, My company IP address became spam. How to recover it?
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    Change your ip adress
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    Hello Guys!! Its been #3 Months of working in SEO field and I have worked on 5 Projects (Off-Page).
    In my Opinion, an Individual Must post up to 7 to 8 Bookmarks per day because overly bookmarking will alert google and it will mark your site as spam.
    And A free advice to buddy SEO'S like me instead of staying 5 to 6 activities of page get indulge yourself in more and more activities.
    Thank You!!
    Keep Learning Guys!!
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      When you will make 7-8 link per day for 1 keyword then google mark your site spam list. Because it;s very bad idea. I think you will create 1 social bookmarking link per day for 1 keyword. It;s very familiar with seo.
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      Nice Sir, I'll definitely checking your link later on.It feels Immense pleasure,you shared your personal experience here.But,can you share techniques or info about off-page SEO which you personally practice for your blog?
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    dude!!you need to try 20 to 25 bookmarking post which helps you to gain back cant be spam...if you do 100+ then it harms you...
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  • Ues VPN to decrease spamming and I think you can submit one high PR Social Book Marking Submission ( likes as Reddit, Digg) for one keyword. That's enough
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    You can do 25-30 Social bookmarking per day
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      Are you sure or SE declared this limit?
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    I know we you are right that we can do 20-25 bookmarks per day but it depends how you do dude.
    If You would do Bookmarking On single keyword it will definitely mark you spam, if you take 4-5 keywords and and divide them in 4-5 each keyword bookmark.
    That Good way of bookmarking!!
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    i think we have to do only maximum 10 social bookmarking in a day of one url of a website . we should not do social bookmarking with only homepage url of any website and we should do bookmarking internal pages url also to rank and get high page authority.
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    As we all know that over submission is not good for website. So, we should keep calm and submit 10-15 links in a day to create a backlink. Because it can be harmful for the website.
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    I suggest you on IP address spam and its removal activity.
    Open MXtoolbox and enter IP under blacklist column, and you would see which authority consider your IP in a spam.
    You can also send request for delisting for particular authority via this tool.
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    "Really very interesting question and infect its really very informative, if you have one website than you should bookmark one page/ one post per day because if you complete site bookmarks in one day and may be you think 5 to 10 pages bookmarks daily than you think wrong. In that case google think he is spammer than may be panalyes your site. But at the same time if you publish off-site article, guest blogging etc than you also bookmark these url because all domains are different.

    Millie Anderson"
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      You really well explain your point infect your answer really help us.
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    I think bookmarking is not effective for your website ranking, please do some other task like social media promotion ,guest posting, blog commenting, blog posting .......................
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