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Hello, i start with my first cold calls in next days for my SEO Service. I like to to target local business, but which sort of business are the best ( hair stylist ? Craftsman ? pharmacy ? gastronomy ) for cold calls ?
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    Businesses on page 2.
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      Originally Posted by MikeFriedman View Post

      Businesses on page 2.
      Lol, that's actually true.

      Really anything listed lower than page #1 is going to need help.
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        And, if you find the ones that are on page 2 but have Google ads running, you're way ahead.

        Originally Posted by yukon View Post

        Lol, that's actually true.

        Really anything listed lower than page #1 is going to need help.
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    Cold call is not the best type of marketing at 2017. Cold call will give you some clients but as long term and also a business to scale you need to be able to crack the Online marketing skills.

    Your Seo Has a huge market demand that is growing 43% year. The only thing you go to do is learn how to get clients without having to hustle so much.

    I would say you could to 2-3 time week cold calls and the best places to go for cold calls are:

    Tattoo studios , Yoga studios, Fight studios , small barber shops and massage therapy places.

    Other thing to do is write down this topics that I told you and search for pages after 10 on google.

    These are the best places to go as cold calling because most of them have no idea on marketing skills and they survive as referrals clients.

    If you are looking to learn about how to get some great clients without cold calling just using intenet skills just let me know justus

    best Lolo
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    This is probably something you have already included in your cold call list building process, but, do a little research on each potential client. Being an expert SEO you should be able to notice rather quickly if they need help or not.

    Plus make notes of the many things you could do to improve their websites ranking.

    In other words refine your cold call list so it becomes a warm calls list instead, and then it will not matter which niche/group you target.
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    ummm, here's an idea.

    Would be great if you use and respond.

    1) create the blog on your website
    2) take 5 companies from a particular industry (for sure, online stores, coz that's where the money is) and do the "mini-analysis of their errors in SEO" with screenshots.
    3) Then try to reach them (just write to them in facebook and official emails).
    Coz this is about them, about their errors - thEY WILL LISTEN TO you.

    Write how you did this. I am going to do this for my copywriting business in Russia.
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