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Hi everyone,

I'm fairly new here.

I work as a digital marketing specialist for Staples Copy and Print

I just discovered last week that our site has a canonical version at with a different level of domain and page authority. Looks like it has been this way since the site started in 2005. Not to mention, I also found out that GA is only collecting data for traffic to the www version of the site.

What's the best way to fix this? I put in a request for a sitewide 301 redirect to transfer authority, but, unfortunately, the web team is not well versed in SEO. They attempted to change the htaccess file, but it messed up an outbound link to one of our many 3rd party vendors So now they're telling me that changing the htaccess file isn't ideal because they don't know why it's breaking 3rd part vendor links. They're also telling me that 301 redirects of every URL aren't ideal because of the work it would require, the fact that it'll slow down the site, and that it's not an automatic solution going forward.

I've searched the web and I'm not sure what to do. Seems like changing the htacces file is ideal, but I assume the 301 redirects are required in order to transfer link authority.

Can anyone provide some input?
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    I would hire a new web design team.

    A 301 redirect is just a few lines of code in the .htaccess file.

    It is easy.

    In this situation, you shouldn't need to do it for every single URL, but even if you did, they lied to you. That will not slow the site down at all. You could throw 1000 redirects in there. It won't be noticeable.

    I would hope that Staples can afford a web design team that actually knows what the hell it is doing.
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    301 redirects don't slow down a site. Your team is most likely misinformed.
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