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Hello Warriors,

I have read Google guidelines regarding international SEO domain setup.

What they recommend is one of the following options:
a) country specific domains - domain.en |
b) subdomains, aka |
c) folders, aka |
d) url parameters, aka |

My question is - are there any other options, which WOULD NOT change the way the URL looks like?

We have a website which is aimed at people from various countries.

What we want to achieve is:
1) someone searches for phrase in google
2) he sees indexed LOCAL version of the site, which is based on his browser data (for example,
3) he clicks and is redirected to the main domain - BUT content of the website is still in English (in this example)
4) When he chooses to change language of the site in site settings, URL REMAINS THE SAME -, BUT language changes to whichever he chose.

Is it possible to achieve so that it does not hurt SEO rankings? Facebook does similar things, but from what I have heard from SEO specialists - "FB doesn't need to worry about SEO, they have a deal with Google"

Simply put - are there any other options when it comes to international SEO apart from those listed above, which would allow URL to stay the same even when changing language of website?

I will be grateful for your answers - if you worked on international projects and know about this stuff, I am willing to pay for consultations if needed.

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    Also, I have one additional question:

    Is it possible to display different metatags for single URL (title, description - basically what user sees in SERP) based on user's language settings in Google?

    If so, how can it be done and does it influence rankings in a negative way?

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