I'm a freelancer making $200,000+ per year - This is how I did it.

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Hello guys,

I started on WaFo many years ago just like you guys, I'm nothing special. I'm not particularly talented at anything but I am good at figuring stuff out and after several years of trial and error I got there. I made it.

I joined this forum in 2013, I've always dropped in and out to see what's going on. What's new, see what people are doing but honestly I tried to avoid this place at times. I'm a huge believer in herd mentality, I don't want to hold myself back or lead myself down certain paths because I read it online.

My approach is nothing new, I didn't make it because I'm great and discovered something. There is no substitute for hard work and perseverance. If you give up you will never make it, and if you're not willing to give up those weekends to grind then you're in the wrong game.

So what is it I do?
I offer SEO and Social Media services to Gyms, Fitness Centers, Spas and other leisure centres in the UK. I specifically work in the London (and slightly beyond) area.

If you want to copy my strategy, you are going to have to pick a niche and country. A SEO who specialises in everything everywhere is just a guy with a Moz account... Specialise.

If you own a car garage and you want a SEO to help your business, are you going to hire the guy who has clients in every niche, or the guy who can show you 15 case studies from the last year in the car repair niche?

Also, it will become very obvious later on why you also need to pick a niche.

So how do I do it?
I manage 22 clients, my lowest paying client is £950/month (something like $1200). He's a personal trainer in central London and honestly can't handle the work he already gets. He trains bankers and high end clients in the city...

But I'm going off topic... 22 clients, for 1 person, full time... That's a lot! When I worked agency side I managed 8. So how come when I leave the agency life I suddenly have the time to manage 22 continuous campaigns? The answer is efficiency, bitch.

Running real SEO campaigns take a lot of time, out reach takes time, setting up audiences, on page, blog posts, PPC and other stuff takes a lot of time... So I decided not to do that.

What is the quickest way to get a link for a website?
Think about it, if I said to you "you have 5 minutes to build me a link" what would you do?

You could go on twitter, facebook, reddit... even a forum like Warrior Forum... Or if you owned a PBN you could publish a pre-written post with the link added in.

If you owned a big PBN in the niche you're now going to target you could do this a lot. What if you owned 100-200 websites in your niche, you could almost control the entire industry, especially for geographical areas...

While I was at my last job I spent every evening, and every weekend building up a 200 website UK based PBN for the fitness niche. These are not thrown together pieces of crap, these are beautiful high end and well scaled marketing machines. They also get real traffic, have real email lists, real (automated) social accounts... These sites are beautiful. You want links from these sites, if you saw them you would cry.

Do you think my clients care how I get them the results I get them, no. As long as they are going a positive ROI they will keep sending me money, and if they don't guess what? All those links they were paying for will go.

I ******* own this industry, it is mine. You cannot take this away from me.

I have the power to lock out all of page 1 on google for any fitness related term I want in the UK. This is mine.

This is the way you need to think if you want to be a gold medal dominating force in the online world of SEO.

Be brave, champion
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