Backlinks checker/audit service... know any good ones?

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I am trying to do a backlink audit for so I can boost tier 1 links... I am not getting anywhere building new links so would like to boost my existing link profile for desired keywords but have lost all my reports so would like someone to do a thorough analysis for me so I know where to focus my time and energy... any ideas?
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    Not sure what you mean exactly by boosting your existing backlink profile?

    However, I`ve just had a quick look at your site`s backlinks, and most of the pages they come from have absolutely nothing to do with your site and the niche, which doesn`t look any good. I can only recommend you to 1. clean up your existing profile from any kind of crap, 2. stop building worthless links 3. run a research for link-building opportunities from relevant and qualitative sites instead of really doubtful blogs and stuff. One good link from good topical site would be worth 100 links you have now.
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      That's what I mean... I have a feeling the links I have ordered from other warriors are just junk so I am trying to find the cream of the crop to build some PR and trust with so they send most of the authority across to my money site... then I need to find a quality way to get relevant links which seems to be the hardest part!
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        Originally Posted by mrozlat View Post

        then I need to find a quality way to get relevant links which seems to be the hardest part!
        In this case I`d recommend you to try LinkAssistant, it allows looking for the potential prospects based on the topical keywords (so that they would be relevant to your niche), and the method you prefer. There`s a bunch of them, like guest posting, blogs, reviews, and so on. Ah, and you can email to any prospect right from the app - that`s my personal fav feature.
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