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I know that a Press Release distrubition is one of the tasks for SEO.

However, most Press Release sites (if not all) are no follow. Anyone seens good results from this effort. I know that nofollow links dont have impact as much as do follow. Just want to see if anyone experienced positive results.

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    Press releases have little to nothing to do with SEO. They are for marketing, spreading the word and brand awareness. SEO and marketing are not the same things. 99% of the people who read a press release couldn't create a backlink to you if they wanted to because they do not have a website. The backlink from the press release is worthless because it is nofollowed and even if it wasn't, your press release will soon be replaced by another and another and another and another. Any link value it might have had would be very short-lived.
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    Press Release is mainly done for brand, service awareness. As when you update anything of your products or services the best way to make users aware about it is Press Release. Some of the Press Release sites do provide backlinks.
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