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We have a very long standing website which has made a bit of a comeback since Penguin in October, however we have noticed recently (not sure when it started) that our homepage is not showing up when we type name of our company into Google. Instead it shows a secondary page on our site.

When we search site:domain.com, it again doesnt show until you reach the last page and then google asks you if you want to search again with omitted results.
We tested the page for duplicate, found other sites who had scraped our content so we re-wrote most of and then re-crawled it yesterday. Nothing has happened.

The page is showing 'officially' in google but also not for any of our other decent search terms. Other pages are showing instead, so there isnt a 'no index' tab on it.

Recently, we have been building our link profile and have gone from a DA 22 to 29 in the last year so I doubt its spam backlinks? we have built genuine links.

If anyone has any ideas, it would be much apreciated.
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    If it is not content, it's almost certainly link related and part of the new Penguin, which is now page-specific, not site-wide like the old Penguin. I'll go out on a limb here and assume that the vast majority of your links go to your home page.

    Oh, and DA is an invented metric that is meaningless. Google couldn't care less what your Domain Authority is.
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    TRy yo build backlink with your branded keywords you will get results !!!
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    You`ve found the initial reason why it didn`t show up - the page has been hidden under omitted results. But as you have just re-wrote it and re-submitted to Google about yesterday - surely it may take some more time than 1 day to rank it first page. Be patient and allow Google up to a week to adjust to the changes you`ve made.

    In case you are not sure about the links - don`t just guess, but audit your backlinks profile and look closely at the links to homepage, and see if any look spammy or irrelevant.
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