What is main purpose of using keyword in SEO?

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Hii, I have created a new website and I am new to SEO. I want to get traffic towards my website but I don't know what is the use of keywords in SEO. So please help me to clear my doubt about the use of the keyword.
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    People often search items and search engines shows the results according to the searched phrase. Those searched terms are keywords if you can get ranked good for those words then sure you will get plenty of traffic.
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    Keywords are the most important SEO aspect of search engine, the purpose of using keywords to optimize the full site in a simple word that word referred as Keyword.
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    • Main purpose of using keywords to optimize the complete site with a simple word that word referred as Keyword. Because it is quite difficult to remember all websites which are provide that facility. It means if we have to check dresses then it is difficult to remember all websites which are related to that keyword. So we type dress on the search engine then the Search engine returns the result related to that product or items.
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    You want to rank for some keywords that people search actually,
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    The keywords means the users or your customers use to search in google about services or products is called a keywords and your services or products are need to first when customers search and keywords are very important in SEO.
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  • Google likes specific mentions of a word in a webpage,

    For ex: "optimise"

    Use that phrase maybe 4 -5 times in the webpage, dont over do it, but as long as its meaningful content descriptions that you are talking about, it will pick up that particular phrase and index you.

    Hope that helps!


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    If you don't know what keywords has to do with SEO, then you probably don't know why you need to breathe air to stay alive.

    Where do you people get these questions, and why do you keep asking them HERE? So people can spam useless replies?


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Hi Aana! Keywords for SEO are very important. Primarily, it helps give very specific, targeted phrases to search engines so that it can help get you listed when your customers are looking for sites like yours on Google. So, be sure to use very relevant words and phrases for what your website does or offers to others. We encourage you to implement those keywords throughout the content of your website.
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