How to Rate My Video on YouTube First Page

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Hello people how are you

After Google finishes the classification of my sites after its last update I decided to invest in Youtube and I would like to know how I do to classify a video on the first page of Youtube. I've noticed that if I can sort my video for certain keywords I can get my channel to grow in record time, but I do not know how to do SEO for internal YouTube search. I count on you for my success.

Thank you all!
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    You want to classify a video. What does it even mean?

    If you want to rank your videos then start promoting it. As much as views it will get it will rank more higher.
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    • I want to position my video on the first page of YouTube for a certain keyword, but my competitors have millions of views and I only have 100 for now.
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  • First of all thank you for asking question. I was about to ask same question. Second one of the person I just know(not friend) use to do it by buying views, likes in certain manner However, I don't know how he use to do it. I hope some experts here would be glad to help us.
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