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I'm not sure which was the best category for this post. So hopefully this is right.

I've owned a domain for the past 8 years. Each year the domain registrat contacts me and reminds me of renewal (there was no way to auto-renew as they're an old, behind the times company). However, this year I had no such reminder and so have lost my domain. I can only blame myself as I shouldn't have relied on them reminding me.

However the problem is now, the domain is gone. I've re-uploaded my site to a new (and actually better) domain.. But I want to re-direct all the old pages to my new site.

My question is, am I still able to do 301's fromt he old site even though I no longer own the domain? I understand this is probably a silly question to seasoned warriors. To me, I don't deal with these problems on a regular basis so I have no idea.

I would be really grateful for some advice please.
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