I am getting 40 visitors per day from google, but 0 adsense revenue.

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My website is getting 40 visitors per day from google (According to google analytics) and the average time spent by each user is 1:02 (google analytics). But I get 0$ revenue from that.

Yes, I have placed ads. When users visit the same article from FB, I earn revenue. So why I am not earning the money?

Is google sending bots that spend 1:02 minutes on my site?

I also checked wordpress jetpack analytics, it is also showing 40 visitors per day from Google.

2nd Problem:

When I get more users from FB, i get less users from google. When i get less visitors from FB, i get more users from Google.

What is wrong with google?
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    I think 40 visitors per day is too low to get adsense revenue. You have to try more to get more traffic
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    Try 4,000 per day.

    If you're getting irrelevant local ads, try 40,000 per day.
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    People are spending way too much time on your page.

    Bounce rate and time on page are ridiculous metrics if you want clicks.

    I don't give a rat's behind if they spend one second and click (an ad) away.

    And why should google care how much time anyone spends on your page if they find what they want?

    You either care about clicks on ads, or care about some fool reading a 20 page article that takes 2 hours.

    Of course there might be a sweet median, but that would mean you still would have a lot of non-revenue traffic.

    If you actually can (doubtful) know that people are clicking from FB, then start abusing that like a mad man. Spend 100% of your time with that.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    40 visitor is so small, you have to increase you visitor. and then you will be paid. you can also use various way for increase you visitor. you have select some effective keyword and share your link in various site.
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    Work on getting more visitors, way past the 1000 mark and check adsense.
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    Hello, in the meantime, Until you get more traffic, create an amazon account and become an affiliate. Insert native product banner on your site and wait for sales of products, it is possible to get lucky with this this low amount of traffic sometimes.
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    Click through rates vary widely based on the ad and its relation to the page on your site they are visiting. An ad for a free milkshake might get considerably more clicks than an ad for an iPhone and that milkshake ad might get even more clicks if it was on an article titled "Enjoy Life - Forget Counting Calories!". The iPhone ad might get very few clicks if it was on an article titled "How to Become a Better Bowler" (The free milkshake ad would still do better with bowlers, incidentally; they LOVE milkshakes!")

    That said, I have read that the average CTR on an AdSense ad is somewhere between 0.4% and 0.7%. We'll split the difference (sort of) and go with .5%. That means 1 out of every 200 people viewing your article will click on the ad. At 40 unique visitors per day, you'd get a click once every 5 days, or 6 clicks a month.

    In other words, as others have suggested, your real problem is the number of visitors per day. Anyone trying to make real money with AdSense needs tens of thousands of visitors per day.
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    40 is a low number...need to build traffic more than 1000 per day...do not depend on Adsense complete ly, you will not earn more...try affiliate marketing ...even with 100 visitor if you sell one product through your blog, you can start making money instantly....!!!
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    you have increase 40visitors to avg 250 vistors per day, because adsense expect avg 250 vistors per day(this is the terms and condition)

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    Dear Kamal,
    40 visitors is not a big traffic and you also saying your revenue coming through adsense is nill. So it's mean your users are not interacting with your ads.
    I will personally suggest you do more work for bringing the traffic on your blog. You can do one more thing for earning some income from your blog.
    Make a "write for us"page on website and optimize this page. So that you can get paid guest posts and you can also do one thing you can apply your blog to some networks from their you can get few paid guest posts.
    I hope these suggestions will be helpful for you.
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    spend a little more on your ad budget and the targetted audience.
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    Your traffic is way too low at the moment to even thinking of making money through adsense. Add more content on your website and do some SEO for it in order to increase traffic to your website. First you should make sure you are getting good consistent traffic to your website and then you will be able to start making some money.
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