Could slow Gmail deliverability hurt my Google Search rankings?

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I'm using Mailgun to send out registration emails that contain a verification for new registrations on my website.

I'm not using a dedicated IP and the emails are sending from

I've noticed email delivery is slow to gmail addresses, so I assume I'm getting throttled by them. I send out on average 1,200 emails per day, and about 400 of those go to gmail.

So my question is, being owned by Google, if Gmail considers my emails excessive (not spammy) can this affect my SEO and rankings in Google?

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    I'd imagine there is some data sharing between the two, but I've never seen any info to confirm that, so take it with a grain of salt. AFAIK the Gmail team rarely communicates with the outside world too, so we may never know.

    In any case, from your description of your setup, I'd strongly doubt that it would impact you in any noticeable way. A few hundred emails a day is nothing for Gmail, particularly if they're registration emails and nothing else. Out of curiosity how fast is Gmail accepting your mail?

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      Sorry, only just saw your reply.I am seeing delays of around 15 mins for gmail emails. Yahoo etc are all instant.

      Thanks for the reply
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