What are the benefits of using featured Rich Snippets?

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I have used rich snippets on my website and I would like to know more about on that. Can anyone share his experience with me on that?
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    The basic benefit is that it helps users to understand your page more quickly and more exclusively. So, the number of visitors through organic traffic increases due to it.
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      Can you provide me step by step implement guidance?

      Thanks for your valuable reply
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    Rich snippets also give webmasters an additional layer of signal, and a chance to highlight the content of a site within the SERPs.

    What type of website yours? Because 9 types of content can rich snippets appear.
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    Rich Snippets help to highlight the main keywords of the site in Google search engine results.
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    The rich snippets allow the search engines to understand your content better

    They also help you get a better CTR as search results with a rich snippet are more clickable versus not having rich snippets.

    There is a good plugin that makes rich snippets a breeze or you can do that within search console.

    Hope this helps!
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    Having a rich snippet on your page in the search results *may* increase your click through rate, because the listing stands out from the rest.

    I'd recommend finding the right schema, and then adding the markup to your page.

    Google has a great guide here: https://developers.google.com/search...ark-up-content
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    Rich snippets are give more traffic your website, and it is the easy way to show what are the pages in your website, it is also the easy navigation for the visitors.

    only two ways you can get rich snippets,

    1. if your website is popular automatically google will give the option.
    2. if your website is not popular you have to add add-ons to the code site to get this rich snippets
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    Rich snippet is type of data structure for your website. If you use rich snippet then it is very beneficial for your website then visitor easily understand about your site or webpage. It is helpful to getting CTR on your site.
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    Rich Snippets force user to click on the website and if the snippet tells the basic idea of that website than no one can stop visiting your website and no one can decrease your website traffic.
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    Featured snippets and rich snippets are not the same.

    Rich snippet is where you need to insert schema markup code to that web page address to make it appear more information rich in SERPs.

    And featured snippet is something Google is showing nowadays on top of SERP as an answer to any direct query made to google. This is the new phenomena. And it has turned out to be very beneficial for those getting positioned as featured snippet. Because it instantly boosts its visibility and CTR.

    Rich snippets also brings similar results for giving away lots of informations to users at one glance. An information rich snippet stands out in SERP, resulting in more visibility and CTR.
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